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The Situation's Dad UNLOADS -- 'F*ck the Little F*ck'

5/10/2011 3:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Situation's dad just released an EXPLOSIVE video -- accusing the "Jersey Shore" star of abandoning his family after getting famous ... and the bitterness is palpable.

Frank Sorrentino Video

Frank Sorrentino posted the tirade online today -- targeting his son, saying, "I ask you one f**king favor and you tell me to go f**king be like a regular f**king Joe Blow and go on welfare? No, my friend, I don't do that."

And that's just the beginning.


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You know the only stupid thing here is you, TMZ, for bleeping everything out! WTF??? It's the internet!!! You are not television for f***'s sake! ;)

1229 days ago


I'm with the dad. He's is right on about having a snotty ungrateful kid toss flip remarks at him. Its a slap in the face and I can tell he's very hurt. Remember Situation, this will go away, trust is forever.

He's also right about the cast. DJ Pauly D is the best looking and most talented and Ronnie is a whimpy cry baby ...crying all last season on national tv over a girl....are you kiddin' me? what was he thinking?

1229 days ago


The Dad is right. Situation is a little shrimp who boasts and brags and is a jag off and prob gave his dad lip and acts like he thinks his career is going to continue on and on...well, you do your pops dirty and forget family and it comes back to smack you in the face. His dad was right about Ronnie cryin' like a bitch thru the entire season over a girl. He's also right about the one guy with looks and talent DJPaulyD.

I like this guy. He's shoots it from the shoulder.

1229 days ago


Dads a douchebag.

1229 days ago


Trash begets trash.

1229 days ago


I'm not a fan of The Situation... but I'm on his side. If my father talked about me this way, I would tell him to go on welfare too.

1229 days ago


I'm sure there's more to this story. He doesn't exactly say what this "favor" is and there might be a reason Mike denied him. He seems to really hook up his brother and sister financially, so I don't think he turned his back on his family per se.

What's all this talk about abuse? I'm curious.

I don't see any of my family, much less a parent, trying to put me on blast like this. Especially since he's doing it to be spiteful and hurt his career. I do think that maybe he shoulda helped out his dad, since he has a lot of money, but this is deplorable. He's your son, how can you try to purposely try to embarrass him? And what a potty mouth. Sheesh wash that mouth out with soap.

1229 days ago

Sad sad    

Faker than fake. So funny.

1229 days ago


Keep these videos coming, they're hysterical! Go Papa Frank!

1229 days ago


what a f-ing tool. he is upset because he stuck his neck out to get his son job...that;s what you are supposed to do as a father what does he want a pat on the back for doing what's right and second his son shouldn't be supporting him it's his job to take care of his family not his sons....and he wonders why his son isn't arounf him

1228 days ago


I think the dad's a bigger piece of trash than the son. He wants to talk about how you're a **** if you call the cops to handle your problems, and how he uses a shotgun to handle to his problems, and all this wanna-be Tony Soprano, bogus Mafia bull****. Well how do you handle the problem of your son not giving you money ? Oh yeah, you make a corny website and youtube videos to exploit your own son for a buck, you sir, are the real ****.

1228 days ago


Are you kidding me,

1228 days ago

Dan Douglas    

It seems the dad wanted some money and the Sits said no. Now Dad is slamming his favorite son. That will teach him!

1228 days ago

Jersey rocks    

For all the people that comment Jersey sucks, do you not own a map? Staten Island is in NY not Jersey. The Situation and his family are from Staten Island, NY... the JS cast except Sammi are from NY and RI not New Jersey. I lived in Jersey all my life and these people you see on all the Jersey reality shows are not a dime a dozen in everyday life here in NJ. Yes the guidos and guidettes have always been around but its not the entire State!

1228 days ago


@ Love My Fans

He's not from New Jersey. Learn to pay attention so that you don't sound like a idiot!

1228 days ago
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