'Jersey Shore' Surprising Living Arrangement

5/3/2011 7:20 AM PDT

'Jersey Shore' -- Surprising Living Arrangement

The hook to "Jersey Shore" in Italy is the place where the cast will be living ... and it's not the place being cited by numerous news reports.

Sources connected to the show and with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the TRUE location where the cast will be staying has not been revealed ... but we're told it won't be an apartment ... a house ... a hotel ... or a church.

TMZ has obtained photos of a new patio deck built off the back of the apartment complex where the gang is RUMORED to be staying -- complete with studio lights -- but we're told the rumors are 100% false. However, the location MAY be used in the show, if producers like the way the set turns out.

We're told NO ONE from the cast -- including Snooki, Situation and Pauly D -- have been informed where they will be staying ... and producers plan to keep it a secret until the gang gets off the plane.