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Maria Shriver

Creates TV Frenzy

After Arnold Split

5/17/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... a swarm of television syndicators as well as networks are trying to snag Maria Shriver, in the wake of her split with Arnold Schwarzenegger ... and Oprah Winfrey is leading the pack.

Sources tell TMZ ... Oprah met with Maria last week, trying to convince her to become a talk show host on Oprah's OWN Network. We've also learned Maria is going to be a guest on Oprah's final show. 

But that's just the beginning.  Big TV syndicators want Maria to do a daily talk show.  As for news organizations, they're trying to get Maria as well.  We're told NBC was lukewarm on the idea of bringing Maria back a few months ago, but the network's interest has intensified in the last week.


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Whatever she decides to do, I'm sure she will be successful. This is an opportunity for new and good changes for her. I never understood what she saw in Arnold. I guess love is blind. Arnold never would have been Governor of California, had it not been for Maria. Then he repays her with this? I'm glad I never voted for him. I never trusted him. I always felt he was just using Maria for political reasons. It turns out those feelings were right on!

1165 days ago

Kay Miller    

Shame on all of you people saying those disgusting comments and remarks. This lady, irregardless to how you think she looks_ home has been tormented by a no good cheating womannizer. I never saw what she saw in him. If you look at her closely she has been a beautiful woman with beautiful hair and also from a distinguished family. Put yourself in her place. She'll be beautiful again. Arnold S. is a non talking peice of crap!!

1165 days ago


A message for SOCIOPATHS ARE SAD. If you had taken time to intelligently read my response you would have noticed my response was ONLY for your ACCUSATION that, "the Kennedys usually drown uncooperative women." The state of Massachusetts might come to you for details of multiple "drownings" by the Kennedys that they, the state, have no knowledge of. You do not need to remind me of the Kennedy background or, write an entire chapter of their history. You attacked me, personally, for asking clarification and details of reprehensible behavior by Edward Kennedy which he was never able to live down. Sorry to say, you have demonstrated how you run your mouth, non-stop, with such uncontrollable anger, is frightening. Compared with the Kennedys, YOU, are no PRIZE, either.

1165 days ago

Yankee Diddler    

Boy, has she uglied out. It's a trait of the Shrivers. Eunice looked exactly the same as she aged. Could be the Democrat in her coming to the surface.

1165 days ago


For, SOCIOPATHS ARE SAD. Between you and I, this subject is CLOSED. If you disagree, I

1165 days ago


For SOCIOPATHS ARE SAD. Between you and I, this subject is CLOSED. If you disagree, I will hand over your comments to the highest law enforcement officials of Massachusetts to investigate wrong doings. You opened the door, now, close it.

1165 days ago


Hate to sound so petty, but she is really not attractive. She better work that Kennedy connection...

1164 days ago


Hate to be so petty, but she is really not attractive.

1164 days ago


@GatorMom - "Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder" - and to me she is a beautiful woman for her age - She's under a great deal of stress at this time and likely has lost a lot of weight and sleep but with time these things will be resolved as she gets her life back under control and deals with the various issues.

Personally I don't find the conformist view of photoshopped, botoxed, specimens that have had surgical enhancements done attractive - they are cookie cutter fakes to me - they all look the same, there is no genuine interesting feature to their faces and likely their personalities follow suit.

I much prefer a handsome woman's face, a face with character, a face that is different but arresting to the vacant "barbie doll" version.

1160 days ago


get real..ANYONE can take horrible photos...and good photos in the next shot..of course the media will put up the most outrageous photos they can find.
Maria looks great for her age and after having 4 kids...all those trashing her appearance...put up YOUR photo at her age.
NO WOMAN should have to bear this type of pain, hurt and heartbreak. Hubby kept his gold diggin 'no birth control', 'me got my golden egg' goin on with this RICH, married man...
hussie in his wifes own home...with her own newborn yet. GAWD this guy is a no conscience wacho!!!! TRASH ARNIE...NOT THE INNOCENT WIFE...who I am SURE has done more CHARITY WORK than 99.9% of those on here trashing a loyal and good woman...HIS WIFE! Most woman 'at some point' make the dire mistake of TRUSTING thier own husband.....

1159 days ago
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