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The Sitch's Dad: He Wouldn't Help Pay My Medical Bills

5/11/2011 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the MAIN reason The Situation's father decided to launch his expletive-filled campaign against his son on the Internet yesterday ... and it all comes down to medical insurance.

One of Frank Sorrentino's business associates tells TMZ, Frank had asked Sitch for some help making his monthly medical insurance payments recently -- and the "Jersey Shore" star flat out refused.

According to sources, The Situation not only said no -- but told his dad to "move to Florida and go on welfare."

We're told Frank was pretty adamant about repaying his son anyway -- using money from a business deal they allegedly made to develop real estate in NYC ... but the Sitch never gave him a chance.

0511_sitch_dad_mini2Frank was outraged by his son's rejection -- and responded by RIPPING the Sitch into pieces online yesterday in multiple angry videos.

Sitch released a statement earlier today, saying he is "extremely saddened" by his father's actions.


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Get off your ass and get a job and pay your own damn bills.

1207 days ago


This loser will be flat out broke in four years or less. It's embrassing that taletless losers like the Jersey Shore and Kardashians make this kind of money.

No wonder the rest of the world laughs their azz's off at us.

1207 days ago


Are you kidding me? I hate that dude even more now! What a total piece of S##t!!!!!!

1207 days ago


From the comments on this site it seems as though Stitch father was very abusive to him, his siblings and his mother. I wouldn't give him sh*t either. And if he goes on line to trash his son, I don't even believe its for medical insurance. He probably felt that stitch should now support him, but he is using medical insurance to pull at others heart strings and say see my son aint ****. Fire him so he can be just like me. I remember when Shaq first became a basketball player and his father went on every talk show there is to bash Shaq and even had his younger son on TV saying Shaq we love you. He didn't even know Shaq. But that was his father trying to pull at Shaq heart strings. And Shaq would tell anybody that would listen that his step-day raised him and is father did nothing for him but abandon him. Just cause you can donate sperm, doesn't make you a father.

1207 days ago


he should be saddened, he caused it. whatever went down is done and done, bottom line is YOU RESPECT YOUR FATHER. FAME SWELLED HEAD LITTLE PRICK! im sure you (stitch) would have been right in line if the roles were reversed, and your Father would have taken care of you as you should NOW take care of your family! Shame on you! ASK GOD FOR HIS FORGIVENESS!! NUFF SAID....WORN OUT TRYING TO KNOCK SOME SENSE INTO YOU!!

1206 days ago


The douchebag doesn't fall far from the tree.

1206 days ago


Wow. What kind of parent expects ANYTHING from their kid? Step up and be a man and provide for your child. Parenthood is a one way track. Kids don't choose to be born. You provide for them, raise them, and hope that they become a well-rounded adult. That is being a parent. Don't sit on your butt and make bad choices for your life and then expect your son to bail you out.

The fact that this guy actually thinks his child "put him in situations" tells me that this guy is a greedy loser that isn't man enough to live his own life. We have kids who act as kids. Whatever situations we encounter are because we have chosen to be parents. We don't blame our kids because we haven't been man enough to take care of our own business.

Look, I don't watch this show, and the most I know about this kid is that he has made a mint with his six-pack abs. Good for him. We do what we can with what we've got. But any parent that thinks they are entitled to something just because they have raised a kid SHOULD be sent off to Florida to live on welfare. You had an entire life to go to college, earn a good living, and take care of yourself, not to mention that you could have chosen to not have kids. If you choose not to go to college, and to have a job that didn't ensure medical care, and further decided to have a kid at 19, then step up and live the life you picked.

At what point did it become acceptable to sit on your butt and expect your child to be the breadwinner?

I actually used to think that this kid was a spoiled pain in the butt. Now I actually feel sorry for him for having to grow up without an actual man in his life.

1206 days ago


ruester8 - I think I love you.

1206 days ago


Mike is a little wiseass and no right to insult his father like that. I wish the dad luck in spite of his son acting so selfish.

1205 days ago


There are two sides to the story. We don't know what their relationship is or was. We don't know if his father spends like Mike does. I think his father is jealous of Mike and wants some of the limelight too. But if my father talked to me like he is to Mike, he wouldn't get my help either. Do you think Mike's father would help him if Mike said alot of crap about him? I doubt it.

1202 days ago


Its obvious the ******* doesn't fall far from the tree!

1199 days ago
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