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'Bad Girls' Star Spews RACIST HATE In Drunken Rant

5/13/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the most disgusting hate-filled diatribe we've seen in a long time ... former "Bad Girls Club" star Christina Hopkins dropping the N-word 12 times in a rant aimed at an African-American woman.051211_christina_hopkins_v2_still

Hopkins was at a diner in Staten Island last month -- when she spouted off about an unnamed person ... saying, "If you're a black girl ... you should shut up because you're black ... you're a n**ger ... nobody likes you."

Hopkins continued to nonchalantly drop slur after vulgar slur while stuffing her face with Mexican food ... saying, "I've never met somebody who's so n**gerish."

Christina's female friend eggs her on as the reality star laughs ... and the two women then begin to chant the N-word in unison.

TMZ called Hopkins for comment ... who explained, "Some girls came up to me and said some racial remarks towards me [moments before] and this is what I said in retaliation."

She added, "I apologize if anyone was offended, it wasn't meant in a derogatory way."


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Good Lord! Proves that trash does come in all colors, does it not?

1258 days ago

Made it Past 27    

a true friend to sell this tape

1258 days ago


What do expect from this trash. Expect to see this one on a porn soon. A free porn site, because who would want to pay to see her? NEXT.

1258 days ago


Douche Bag Douche Bag Douche Bag Douche Bag

1258 days ago


A racist is ugly! she is ugly uneduated and trashy! Too bad someone didn't punch her hard in her mouth and knocked her teeth out!

1258 days ago


Uh, everyone has these thoughts...if they say they don't then they are liars. That's why they call it "tolerance"...we don't REALLY like you other races...we just TOLERATE you. That is just the way it is. It does not mean we HATE you, no...not by a long shot.

That she is drunk and talking with friends she thinks she can trust is the problem. Non-celebrities need friends of a like mind who they can be "real" around once they step out of their PC world. For celebrities, their "friends" are just looking for a way to set them up and use them for some fast cash. I wonder how much they got for their video? I hope it was worth their souls.

1258 days ago

Mike C    

Just proves that inbred trash is inbred trash.

1258 days ago

Jean Shonay    

No class whatsoever. Dumb woman or shall I say girl. Stupid. She needs her a** whipped by a black person and I bet she won't say it again.

1258 days ago

two cents    

You DO have a point. Alcohol tends to stop our better judgement from saying such things out loud, but there isn't one person alive that honestly, deep down, that doesn't feel the same way. It will never change. It is what it is.

When you're upset (while drunk), and you want to vent, you will use anything against them to make a jab, to hurt their feelings. Everyone does it, just look at Mel, Kobe, Mike Richards, etc etc etc. Stop sugarcoating it. It's not that bug a deal, but it does get hits for sites like TMZ.

1258 days ago


Deal with it. Had it been a black person dropping word bombs on
whites, it would have been a non-story. It would have never
been reported, and would have been excused. It was a display of incredibly bad taste, no doubt the booze contributed to the indiscretion, but she's entitled to an opinion, and voiced it in bad taste. Watch any rerun of The Jeffersons; they're CONSTANTLY insulting whites to canned laughter in the background by calling us "Honkies" over and over again, and thats not disrespectful and racially oriented? Face it, being black gives you a free ride to say whatever you want. I don't agree with her actions, but its being blown way out of proportion BECAUSE she's white. THATS the reality of it.

1258 days ago


All that coming from who? She's far from pretty, obviously not a Mensa member and has as much class as a sewer rat. Plus, her tone of voice is really, I mean REALLY annoying. She's gross, pathetic, disgusting. She also has really bad judgement in choosing her "friends"... And, btw, who the f*** is she? Never saw her anywhere. Z lister?

- I apologize if she was offended, it wasn't meant in a derogatory way.

1258 days ago

Gsharon 710    

OH MY!!!!! I've never heard that word before.........Bull.
So what, she spouted off and the next day, she was probably embarrased. We don't all get up tight everytime that word is used..damn

If the woman she was talking to did not slap the spit out of her mouth, why should we? That word is ugly because it was used to berate our ancestors, but we do have some intelligence and know the meaning of the word. If we remain true to who and what we are, those words are nothing but a sign that people are still ignorant at times.

Wish I could say I have never used racial terms in my life, but I have. Maturity teaches better words to offer. Don't make a big deal out of it. We need to concentrate on protecting ourselves from the true enemies, and show them we can stand strong when we need to.

Jesse Jackson, and Al Sharpton.....Keep your mouths shut.

1258 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I guess you CAN put lipstick on a pig!

She & Mike Epps should debate and find out who is the bigger *******!

1258 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

just so there is no confusion, the word that got blocked above, began with an A-- wipe!

1258 days ago

Scott Guiher    

Sorry but I am still stuck on why we give obvious first letters to a word some people find offensive like "the N word" or "the B word" or even "the R word" and "the C word". It sounds like we are in the third grade again. What happens when we run out of letters? This practice is really stupid especially when people of color regularly use the word ****** to describe someone else. Maybe we should just stop being so sensitive and buck-up. (sorry, should I have used the "BU" word?) Silly, silly, silly. We are in strange times.

1258 days ago
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