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TMZ Live -- Celeb Herpes Lawsuit: A Shakedown?

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The very real possibility the A-lister accused of spreading herpes will pay -- regardless of guilt -- just to make it go away ... Plus, could Hollywood treat Mel Gibson to another Oscar?

30 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) More herpes talk -- Harvey and Charles have a casual chat about the A-list celeb who allegedly infected someone in Las Vegas.
(6:10) New updates in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial -- another doc who gave Michael Jackson propofol will testify. Harvey explains why.
(9:20) Oksana is NOT going to use the audio tapes against Mel -- why the change of heart?
(11:40) Question time -- more herpes talk, a Lindsay Lohan update, and a legal question for Jason.
(16:40) A TON of Dan Aykroyd's vodka was stolen -- Mike has all the juicy details.
(19:45) Did Charles get a reservation to The French Laundry?
(23:30) A question about cannibalism catches Harvey off guard.
(28:20) Webcam question from Craig about "talentless reality stars" -- are we making monsters out of them?
(34:40) What do the young people at TMZ think about the "Jersey" cast representing Americans abroad?
(36:55) Yes, Dax "twoops" ... and Harvey's new poop-tastic word for a Blackberry.
(37:40) Nina thinks Karl Rove calling Common a thug is RIDICULOUS. Because it IS ridiculous.


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Harvey,do you have an Online Store for TMZ gear, I sure would like to buy a TMZ coffee mug. Thanks, Jim.

1199 days ago


Gibson should be nominated but the Academy wont based on the usual politics. It's the same as the way they blocked Lucas when the original trilogy was released and Spielberg was shunned for a short time for working with him.

1199 days ago

Jo Ann    

What I don't understand is where are the lesions of the accuser if the couple had oral sex exclusively. I understand that mouth ulcers/cold sores/Herpes Simplex I, can be transmitted through genital/oral contact so does this person have mouth ulcers?

1199 days ago


Harvey wants to dismiss a fact abt Dr Adams and other doctors ..they didn't kil, He didn't die under their watch. What others have done is only relevant because he wants to confuse the issue.. the bottom line Mj never had any @ home in a drawer until Murray came along.

1199 days ago


I was wondering since Anna Kournikova is selling her house right in front of Enrique's in Miami, are they getting married or have they split up?

1199 days ago


Do you agree with Abraham Lincoln that "by the age of 40 we all get the face we deserve" ?

1199 days ago

Marie Grace    

Could be Robin Williams--

1199 days ago


Can a defendant prove that he didn't know that he had herpes?

1199 days ago

nee nee    

Why is telling someone you will sue if they don't settle not blackmail?

1199 days ago


How long does it take Charles to get his hair done?

1199 days ago


Whether or not Mel Gibson is an abuser/deadbeat dad/racist etc., does not impact whether or not he is a good actor. The Academy Awards are supposed to judge a skill, it is not a personality.

Roman Polanski pled guilty to the charge of "Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a minor" has been nominated for an Academy Award and has won Golden Globes.

Multiple other celebrities have been found guilty of possession, DUIs and so forth but have Academy Awards.

If they fault Mel, they run the risk of saying that certain crimes are okay and others not. I hesitate to believe that they will see child molestation as less bad than drug possession.

1199 days ago


What true legal standing does the Herpes case have?

1199 days ago


Daks would have sex with a gorilla with herpes for $47.98 and a box of raisenettes.

1199 days ago


do you think the amount is so high because it's a woman who contracted herpes, and giving birth is dangerous with an outbreak?

1199 days ago


Harvey & Charles : under what cir***stances would you leave TMZ? also knowing TMZ is not TMZ without you !!

1199 days ago
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