TMZ Live -- Celeb Herpes Lawsuit: A Shakedown?

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Celeb Herpes Lawsuit: A Shakedown?

The very real possibility the A-lister accused of spreading herpes will pay -- regardless of guilt -- just to make it go away ... Plus, could Hollywood treat Mel Gibson to another Oscar?

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(0:00) More herpes talk -- Harvey and Charles have a casual chat about the A-list celeb who allegedly infected someone in Las Vegas.
(6:10) New updates in the Dr. Conrad Murray trial -- another doc who gave Michael Jackson propofol will testify. Harvey explains why.
(9:20) Oksana is NOT going to use the audio tapes against Mel -- why the change of heart?
(11:40) Question time -- more herpes talk, a Lindsay Lohan update, and a legal question for Jason.
(16:40) A TON of Dan Aykroyd's vodka was stolen -- Mike has all the juicy details.
(19:45) Did Charles get a reservation to The French Laundry?
(23:30) A question about cannibalism catches Harvey off guard.
(28:20) Webcam question from Craig about "talentless reality stars" -- are we making monsters out of them?
(34:40) What do the young people at TMZ think about the "Jersey" cast representing Americans abroad?
(36:55) Yes, Dax "twoops" ... and Harvey's new poop-tastic word for a Blackberry.
(37:40) Nina thinks Karl Rove calling Common a thug is RIDICULOUS. Because it IS ridiculous.