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Danielle Staub


5/17/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that she's no longer a "Real Housewife of NJ" ... Danielle Staub has picked up a new career as a fully nude, reconstructed, 48-year-old STRIPPER ... and for better or worse, we've got the photos to prove it.


TMZ has learned ... Staub recently signed a 3-year deal with the people at Scores Gentleman's Club in NY -- in which Danielle agreed to do one live appearance and occasionally appear on

Of course, Staub is no stranger to public nudity -- who can forget her infamous sex tape ... in which Danielle erotically advises her partner about the perils of downing an onion and cheese bagel ... and some broccoli ... right before boom boom time.



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Her children must be sooooo proud! Way to set a good example!

1232 days ago


Ewwwww!! Please make this clown-faced skank go away!!!

1232 days ago


OMG! She is so gross!!!

1232 days ago


WOW! her girls must be so proud...

Are men really into 48 year old strippers? WTF!

1232 days ago


Plain and simply nasty. I don't think she's drugged out, she is just so old, that when she tried to do her sexy face, and look all provacative, she ends up looking hard and idiotic. Old women trying to look 'sexy' rarely succeed. When you are old and thin, you actually come across as even older than your years. A little meat on the bones rounds out your form, and softens your look. I'm a year younger than this garbage, and yet easily look 10 years younger because I haven't starved myself. My face is youthful and soft, not harsh and angular like Buzz Lightyear's friend Zurg.
And I call her garbage, not because of her scabby looks, but because you simply don't conduct yourself in this way when you have children, especially young girls. They must be absolutely mortified that their mother is parading around like a tramp. It's not sexy and she exhibits no self confidence.
Poor girls, I hope they rebel against this she-beast, and conduct themselves in a more classy manner.

1232 days ago

Southern Charm    

Two beautiful daughters -- what was this SKANK thinking? Call CPS stat!!

1232 days ago


I just hope and pray that her two daughters, who seem very normal and well behaved, don't end up like her. I just wonder what they have to go through on a day to day basis with other people knowing that their mother is a classless woman. I would completely disown my mother, who is the same age as her, if she decided to strip. This is just disgusting and a disgrace.

1232 days ago


Good God, GROSS! What is wrong with that woman???!!!

1232 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Look at the poll and listen to the men on TMZ live rave about her body and you'll realize what WOMEN think of her, not men.....

1232 days ago


Let's hope her ex steps to take away their daughters from this classless trash act.

You can always see the embarrassed look on her daughters faces on the show...I am sure this just topped it off!

1232 days ago


Christ Almighty, could this old bag look any less interested or attractive. What the f**k Harvey, I never did ANYTHING to you. I need to yank my damn eye balls out and rinse them off with bleach.

It's a good thing that the world ends on MAY 21st, I won't have to think about those photos for very long.


1232 days ago


Those poor kids of hers..... stuck with a mama that's both crazy and fugly as can be!!

1232 days ago

Barbara A.    

Since Danielle turned "gay for pay" at the end of her last season, stripping for money is no stretch for her. Finding her hot, now that's a stretch. She has gone through so much cosmetic surgery she now looks like the joker from Batman. This person is making Nadia Suleman look like a great mother. She's old enough to do whatever she wants, as a mother to two daughters, she does not. Next she'll say the "Mafia" made her sign the contract or they were going to kill her.

1232 days ago

Barbara A.    

I feel certain Danielle, will make a statement saying, she talked to her girls, they support her 100%, and are proud of her. Then she'll tell everyone, she's laughing all the way to the bank, while we just laugh at her

1232 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....gawd, can u imagine how messed up her sweet girls must be getting in the head? friggen embarrassing to have her for a mother and humiliating..poor girls..where's ur daddy? they sure don't belong with her anymore..

1232 days ago
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