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Kelsey Grammer Trying to Rip Custody From Camille

5/17/2011 12:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer has just filed legal papers to get sole physical custody of the two children he had with his ex-wife Camille Grammer ... TMZ has learned.


Kelsey's lawyer filed the legal docs today in L.A. County Superior Court. 

Sources say Kelsey and Camille Grammer have been at war over the kids.  We're told the children have been having emotional difficulty dealing with Kelsey walking out and divorcing their mom.

Kelsey is asking for joint legal but sole physical custody, but it's not clear where he wants the kids to live.  Kelsey is currently in Chicago and the kids are in school in L.A.

Sources close to Camille are scoffing at Kelsey's move, saying she's been a full-time mother and he has been nothing but uncooperative in trying to work out a custody agreement.  She was willing to give him 50/50 custody, but now all bets are off.


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" I have 4 nannies and they rotate."

1221 days ago


uh o. keep a close eye on them kids!

1221 days ago

Make it stop    

With 4 Full Time (pretty sure live-in) nanny's and only 2 kids who are a bit older how could she even think for 1 second that it makes her a full time Mom????? She is delusional!!! How much time could she possibly spend with those poor kids???

1221 days ago


He is an a@@hole. Unbelievable! What, he's going to rip the kids from their mother and expose them to his next 5 wives. Loser.

1221 days ago


Kelsey's a sly one, but smart as hell! He knew he was leaving Camille (the porn star), and encouraged her to participate in a reality tv show. He must have known that she would show her true colors, which she did, and they aren't pretty! It was a complete set up! It's hard to have any compassion for Camille though! No sex for years in your marriage! Are you kidding! Kelsey must have thought, I married a porn star, who doesn't want to have sex! WTF? "I want my money's worth"!!!

1221 days ago


So Scotty, are basically giving him a pass on what he did because in your "oh so wise" comment, since he married a "porn star" (which was YEARS ago and she quit once she met him. Guess we are all doomed to be known by our last job forever huh?) he should have had all the sex he wanted and since he didn't get it, it was ok to have an affair, leave his wife unexpectedly, force a quickie divorce, immediately marry your new ho before the ink is dry on the divorce papers and for that he gets the kids? You are one dumb azz and I bet a very single one as well. He's not smart at all....sly as a fox yes, but even the farmer kills a fox every once in awhile. Dumb azz men that give passes to men who cheat, lie and be ho's don't deserve to have every woman here slap the holy living crap out of you!

1221 days ago


I meant "do deserve" ....LOL!! ** SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP** Scotty.

1221 days ago


"joint legal but sole physical custody"

He wants to protect his children... the big question is "protect them from what?"

1221 days ago


way to go kelsey. she is a bitch. after she found out kelsey had found real love then she started putting the children on camera with her. anytime before it was with their nannies. she does not deserve the children and deserves no money. she was a porn star for goodness sakes and went after kelsey as he was a star. money grabbing bitch. i have no sympothy for her.

1221 days ago


those are some pretty crazy comments

1221 days ago


Anyone notice that her hospital ID bracelet has the name "Tweed" on it...are you sure her name is Sophie Simmons...??? Just asking???

1221 days ago


I'll take the first version. I DON'T deserve to have the crap slapped out of me!!!

1221 days ago


Man he really hates her. First, he humiliates her in front of a TV audience, now he's trying to take the kids...s***bag.

1221 days ago


He's got some amazing nerve! He should consider himself lucky to see them once during summer break. What an a$$.

1221 days ago


Just another dirt bag move from a lowlife adulterous Hollywood ego blowhard.

All Camille needs is to do is play the tape of Kelsey's daughter Spencer's interview on the Howard Stern in court. Spencer went on about how horrible a father and husband he was. Sums him up as a absentee and uncaring father who treated her mom heinously.

Hell, he didn't even acknowledge his other daughter was alive until she was over 18. She supposedly lived within miles from him as a child and he never even made like she existed, her words.

Sorry Kelsey but a track record of being a self serving, cocaine addicted/ alcoholic whom is into cross dressing and busted for pedophile shouldn't be allowed around kids, EVER.

Warshavsky's attack doesn't end there. He tells the New York Post, "We have been presented with another Kelsey Grammer tape. But we have no plans to air it. We are still evaluating it at this time."

As to the alleged contents of that alleged tape, Warshavsky wouldn't say. Still, perhaps anxious to get back into court, IEG includes a parody of what it "imagines" such a tape might include.

This conjecture--titled "Kelsey Grammer, Butt-Plugged Mensch or Wench?"--features Grammer performing solo sex acts with himself while wearing women's clothing and includes an image of Grammer superimposed with a pink bra.

"We put this bra on Kelsey. Did he put one on himself?" the caption asks.

Read more: .eonline./b37400_kelsey_grammer_sex_tape_suit_unsealed.

1221 days ago
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