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The Situation -- The FIRST Italian Make-Out Session

5/17/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

"Jersey Shore" grenade magnet The Situation took in some of the local flavor ... by sucking face with a cute but clueless blonde in Florence, Italy last night.


Anyone for some d-bag parmigiana?


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I hate the Americans that watched this show to make it famous and gave it rating to stay on our tv's for so many seasons..and u know, its just the little junior high kids that r watching it, right? And they watch it when mom and dad r gone, or at a friends daughter is in JR and her friends all love the show..its the dumbest show ever shown on tv, yes worse than the lame infomercials they show late at night...wooo hoo a bunch of low class trashys getting hammered and having sex with random people, sweeeett. These boys look like total douches with their stupid hair cuts and orange skin..and SOUTHPARK soooooooooo got them right on! Snookie want Smush Smush! Trash trash trash.. STD filled little dumbs$its

1224 days ago

lisa jenkins    

y is this grease ball getting so much attention for nothing. he is a lame and most likely had many diease. white trash if u ask me. he should change his name to std. instead of that situation dumb name.

1224 days ago

You're a twat.    

Deport the cast and send her along for the ride.

1224 days ago


Definitely not a set ladies and gentlemen. I would be in Firenze (Florence), and that's definitely the Duomo.

1224 days ago


Beautiful background in the left photo. A muscular American TV star would be a popular quick date for European girls.

1224 days ago


I saw this picture and pictures of the others on dates at htt:// first.

1224 days ago



Ummmmm, it's called bad parenting!!! You have THE say in what your daughter watches, who she befriends, where she goes, what she does, etc. etc. You are raising her up to be just like these lowlifes on these reality shows!!!

1224 days ago


How fake is that.

Mike, files a lawsuite against his father so what. (didn't know you can post date a lawsuite being overseas)if really in Italy.

Mike is trying to pull the garbage Lohan tried pulling. Didn't work. Using the name and likeness crap.

The situation is what millions of people say every day. The situation is, this situation, that situation, if the situation on. It's a nick name only.

1224 days ago


Look at their shadows this is totaly staged

1224 days ago


Samantha...the lawsuit said it was a Man. My guess is Gerard Butler.

1224 days ago


SHE'S NOT ITALIAN! No italian girl would wear that kind of shorts, and let me say... She really doesn't look like! I'm Italian and I can assure you that she's probably a turist or foreigner student!

1224 days ago


She is the sweetest, most amazing girl on earth. Please do not believe the rude comments that have been posted on here.

1224 days ago


She's my friend. She is not trashy and she is honestly one of the sweetest , most amazing girls I have ever met in my life. TMZ, can you please remove this photograph from your site?

1224 days ago


The first picture looks like a photoshoot.

1224 days ago


Some stupid a** people here...what are you, 12 years old?
Why would they set up a fake scenery of the duomo if it's literally in front of their door?
And yes, Italians and Europeans are well groomed people which take showers regularly and there are not only guidos here. Anyone else is a stereotype victim.

1224 days ago
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