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Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Acting Career On Ice

5/19/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced he's putting his acting career on hold -- after news broke he fathered a child out of wedlock with his former housekeeper.


Arnold's office released the statement today -- claiming the actor has already asked his agent at CAA to discontinue his current film negotiations for the time being.

The statement continues, "Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines."

According to the statement, this includes Arnold's upcoming film "Cry Macho" -- which he signed on to for a reported $12.5 million.


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Joe less than a minute ago
What a terrible loss to the Cinematic World of Motion Pictures. What a huge talent. Who could possibly replace him in"Jiggle All The Way II"?
Roflao! No kidding. They keep smashing him in the Terminator movies and he keeps coming back.
So tired of these self-entitled loosers, Tiger Woods, Jesse James and Arnie who don't care about their families one bit until they get caught and then suddenly they are so sorry. The hell they are, they are only sorry they got caught. Pricks. This guy hid behind his politically connected wife and his perfect little family long enough to get himself into politics but in the meantime why was he fooling around with the scariest looking thing since Shauna Sands? Ah hell he was probably boffing her too who knows? Interesting how these women never seem to use birth control unless it is convenient though. What a stupid moron. Would you ever pay to go see another one of his movies? Commando 2, Grandpa's Revenge.

1169 days ago


I personally would not pay to see anything that Arnold, Charlie and Mel would be in. Three morally corrupt a**holes. People dont get married if you aren't ready to take your vows seriously.
on a side note, men should be castrated after cheating...just saying lol

1169 days ago


Good. Watching my Arnold collection will never be the same after all this. I always thought the muscle bound type were a bit on the dumb side, and this proves my point.

1169 days ago


@spyke about a minute ago Joe less than a minute ago
What a terrible loss to the Cinematic World of Motion Pictures. What a huge talent. Who could possibly replace him in"Jiggle All The Way II"?

LOL I am sure he was gonna win an oscar next year

1169 days ago


I dont care about him anymore. I used to admire him, now he is just another cheating peice of crap. Wonder wh ois next?

1169 days ago


If your going to CHEAT, at least have it be with a 10+! A Woman so freeken HOT it would be worth it if you were caught!!! Not that cheating is a good thing, but if your going to do it, do it right!!! Cheating on your wife with a DOG of a woman, really?

1169 days ago


Everyone will forget in a few months and it will be business as usual.

1169 days ago


He can take a decade off but there is still no cure for narcissism.

1169 days ago

the Seeker    

Rogue Warrior 24 minutes ago

Ouch, that was one expensive lay.
He wanted his cake (taco) and to eat it too.
Euro-trash power hungry male / Ego monster from hell.

Rogue you on any other SM ?

1169 days ago

confused in k-town    

From TreeMileZune: >>ITS JUST SEX!

Its not like he KILLED anyone and looks like he was paying for the kid.

People act like he did the worst thing in the world but when you really look at it, he was just having SEX.<<

Are you a complete imbecile? It was UNPROTECTED sex, which could have KILLED his innocent wife, Maria, and left their innocent children MOTHERLESS!!!

1169 days ago



1169 days ago


Not a surprise, but also not as big of a deal as it may seem. My guess is he puts it on hold for a few months but is back on track by the end of the summer at latest.

1169 days ago


Like he has a choice!

1169 days ago


There goes a slew of jobs for film industry workers in Callyfornia. Typical political move to renege on a deal for selfish reasons.

I don't believe for a minute he intends on quitting his acting gigs. It's a PR move until he can put his little mini-me in the spotlight and exploit him. That kid will be in one of his movies in the next few years I guarantee.

He's still the same guy he was 30 years ago, the only difference is back then he would have scoffed at a matronly woman like his disgusting maid. He must be mortified that his Oedipus complex has come to light.

1169 days ago


I'm amazed at how he managed not to get caught while working as a governor in a office. President Clinton, John Edwards, Jesse jackson, Eliot splitzer, James McGreevey, and Jesse James had been caught by media but arnold didint.. wow! pretty sickening. if he had been caught then he would have gotten resigned a longtime ago but it too late. Damn him. LOL. If he had sex with another woman then it would have given Maria STD, but they dont have STD, they need to be checked out for STD, digusting. If I were Maria then I would kick his mofo ass and sue him every penny that I can get out of him. now Arnold is freakin digusting dirty dog!

1169 days ago
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