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Arnold Schwarzenegger Puts Acting Career On Ice

5/19/2011 2:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger has announced he's putting his acting career on hold -- after news broke he fathered a child out of wedlock with his former housekeeper.


Arnold's office released the statement today -- claiming the actor has already asked his agent at CAA to discontinue his current film negotiations for the time being.

The statement continues, "Governor Schwarzenegger is focusing on personal matters and is not willing to commit to any production schedules or timelines."

According to the statement, this includes Arnold's upcoming film "Cry Macho" -- which he signed on to for a reported $12.5 million.


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Kartrashian Klown    

The picture looks like he was aiming for the photographers breast!

1220 days ago


Re: "The fact that this woman is definitely and insanely scary"

Oh please. The only one who is insanely scary is Arnold. He's a groper who sexually harassed his employee, had a baby with her and hid it for a decade. The maid had no status, no protection, no money. She was at his mercy.

And I have no sympathy for Maria. She knew he was a groper and when women came forward during the campaign, she went out and discredited them. They even had a campaign slogan "Remarkable Women for Arnold."

At one of her Women Conferences, Arnold gave a speeech in which he bragged about kicking Nurses' butts. Look it up. He said this on stage in front of Oprah, Maria and Eunice Shriver. They didn't care.

The man is a PIG who was enabled by Maria.

1220 days ago


He was d list actor at best and the scandal will intensify ! Too risky for a come back if ever!!

1220 days ago


Why the suprise about this. She brings the big austrian guy into the Kennedy clan and she doesn't expect there to be sex, lies, and no video tape. Come on Maria what do you thing he and Teddy were talking about as they smoked cigars and laughed all those evenings at the compound.

1220 days ago


Muppet about an hour ago

I'll watch his movies. I'm not here to be his moral compass and involve myself in his private life. If his movies are good, that's his job and that's all I care about. People really need to stop sticking their noses into people's private lives and passing judgement as far as their jobs go.
If every cheater were unemployed imagine the unemployment lines!!

Oh, I'll PASS judgment...I'll not only PASS it, I'll cut it OFF on the freeway and flip it the bird too!

1220 days ago


Rich and famous in a big giant mansion..You know that woman was not the only staff..they had many staff. Security team for the both of them Can you imagin Maria thinking back all the time she was away long periods of time, her parents sick on east coast, kids away in school,there you got old Arnold getting his groove on..Despicable

1220 days ago


Maybe he and Mel Gibson can do a Porno TOGETHER!.

1220 days ago


He should have had something else on ice 15 years ago when he porked the maid.

1220 days ago


screwing wife and maid at same time ..both same time...That woman wasen't the only staff in that was a cover up

1220 days ago


He'll be back?

1220 days ago

Ms. Evermore    

Let's face it, any woman would have a hard time working for him. Not because he is a "groper", that term is hideous - but because he has this attraction that is hard to ignore. I'm sure "Mildred" (good grief) found him also to be incredibly attractive - absolutely no doubt.

She is not a victim nor is Arnold. She looks like she has been paid well, because she had definitely had a facelift (look at her mouth) and her breast lifted. I'm sure they were an eye sore on certain days.

I'm not one to judge anyone - but this situation is much more than Arnold having an affair. It might also include Arnold being blackmailed, hence why this woman was around all these years. Give me a break already.

1220 days ago


he needs to put his **** on ice

1220 days ago


Oh puhlease, the maid wasn't the victim in all of this, she revelled in the affair, bragged about it, wore Maria's clothes and jewels, then when she was pregnant (no doubt deliberately so!) she was cosying up to Maria for advice on the pregnancy while smirking behind her back knowing it was Arnie's!! The maid is definitely not a victim in this and neither are her family who benefited financially!!
Personally, if it was me Arnie would be breathing through his balls for a long time, since they'd be lodged in his nose after one massive kick!! The days of having both the wife and the maid pregnant at the same time should have been gone by now - obviously we haven't moved on much at all!! It's not even as if it's even uncommon and while there are women out there who will gladly take advantage of the chance thrown their way nothing will ever change, they just don't normally live in!! Still with Kennedy blood Maria must be used to the way men misbehave hm?!
As for Arnie's films, he was a great comic actor and some of his films have always been enjoyable, I'm not going to stop watching his films because he cheated! If I stopped watching films with actors in who had cheated or who's views on life I didn't share in the real world then I'd never watch any film EVER!! There is not one actor/actress that hasn't cheated at some stage, even the oldies! They still made and make good films, I'm not their moral Judge that will come down to a far higher deity to decide, not me lol!!
Have to say though, I'm not sure you really can go back to making films after being Governor of California and a politician for so long! Since he has more than enough money perhaps being behind the camera as a Director would be better than being in front of the camera! Whatever, I'm sure he will be back lol!!

1220 days ago


DAMN... and I was lookin forward to Predator 3. (My bad.. it already happening in real life for him. Maria vs. Patty, what an EPIC Battle!) Arnold: I'll be BAK when Patty have another baby Hasta La Vista!!

1220 days ago


Tsk tsk tsk, Arnie had no choice because that man he is married to has nothing on the delicious senorita. Outstanding rack and the best part is that because of the spanish blood, most of that anglo ugliness will be defined and perfected. The boy is definitely more handsome than the brother that preceded him by those few months. Sucks to be you sad losers with your tiresome bleatings because you don't have a pool to enjoy nor will ever get the ton o cash that she will get for interviews and such. Arnie had a choice but very few are able to tear themselves from a zesty piece of spanish seasoning like her. She reminded him of what a real woman looks and feels like. PICANTE!

1220 days ago
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