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TMZ Live -- Who Was in on the Love Child Secret

5/18/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More than just Arnold and Mildred knew of the love child -- who else helped keep their secret?  Plus, what's revealed in candid photos of Arnold, Mildred and their son...

25 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) We got our hands on a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his baby mama posing in front of a Christmas tree ... how sweet.
(1:20) Patty Baena's divorce docs -- VERY TELLING.
(2:50) Patty and Maria -- pregnant at the SAME TIME. Disgusting.
(3:50) Our photos of Arnold's love child ... you can SO TELL they're related.
(8:40) Did Maria have any idea the affair was going on? Evan weighs in.
(12:30) Will Maria and Arnold end in divorce?
(16:30) Why do famous guys have affairs with women who are less attractive than their wives?
(19:50) Patty and Octomom ... the comparison.
(28:35) Can wives sue husbands for cheating? Jason knows.
(32:50) Nina's opinion on Rihanna following Chris Brown on Twitter.
(37:55) Charles is being honored in the Bronx Hall of Fame ... and Harvey says we're going to do a piece about it on TMZ TV. Naturally, Charles disagrees.
(39:24) Webcam question -- how does TMZ break so many stories?
(43:00) Stephen Hawking doesn't believe in heaven ... what do the guys think?


No Avatar


Did you notice on the divorce papers that Mildred put her seperation date as 10/23/1998... which is only a few weeks after her baby was born. It seems that he knew soon after the baby was born that the baby wasn't his (and left??).

1224 days ago


No way she knew!

OH DOG! The NOGLovernator really, really screwed up! What was he THINKING! I definitely feel very bad for his family (plus, why the ugly housekeeper? Dude, he could been Charlie Sheen style!)

Now, go get my APP's at the Apple APP Store, search for John Avatar, get Paparazzi CAM (P CAM), PAP 9000, and 3D STEREOVISION, Abe Lincoln in 3D a portrait he posed for days before he was assassinated! ANd more....

1224 days ago


It makes it 10000 times worse to keep the other woman in the house... It turns is from just physical cheating to a strong case of emotional cheating and i's been proven time and time again that although physical cheating is horrible women are much more affected and hurt by emotional cheating

1224 days ago


There is no way that Maria Shriver knew about what was going on with Mildred/Patty - she would not have allowed her children to be near this woman had she known that Arnold was sleeping with her.

1224 days ago


I would say Marie new what her husband was doing, shortly after her last child was born, she lost way to much wieght. That is a sign she is under stress......She new somthing was going on....

1224 days ago


I think that the marriage could totally work out. I understand there there is a HUGE trust factor but given the amount of time they have been together, how long ago all this happened and she hasn't pulled the trigger on the divorce.

1224 days ago


No I dont think she new, the wife is always the last to know.

1224 days ago


WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1224 days ago


I don't think that Maria would let Patty continue to work in their household, let alone pay the woman if she knew that Patty was having sex in her house with her husband.

1224 days ago

Bobo Frog    

I know why Arnold f'ed an unattractive woman:

1) She's doing the cooking and cleaning. She's doing the maternal activities that genetically attract a man.

2) She looks like the type of woman a viking would f*ck. Arnold's primitive instincts caused him to pork this Olga who's cooking and cleaning for him.

1224 days ago



Don't you think that the reason people like Arnold choose ugly women is to do with narcissism? They are better looking than the women?

1224 days ago


Has anyone considered that Arnold is a sex addict and he needs help?
I am VERY disgusted at what he did to his family btw.

1224 days ago


You can't define chemistry. People can become more attractive or less attractive depending on their personality and the chemistry you have with them.

1224 days ago


So sex is only good with really hot people? People can be attractive in many ways. One of the women I had the most fun with was not conventionally pretty, but she was awesome and the most memorable.

1224 days ago


Perhaps, the uglier women are more appreciative of the attention and more attentive becuase of it?

1224 days ago
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