TMZ Live -- Who Was in on the Love Child Secret

5/18/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live -- Who Was in on the Love Child Secret

More than just Arnold and Mildred knew of the love child -- who else helped keep their secret?  Plus, what's revealed in candid photos of Arnold, Mildred and their son...

25 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) We got our hands on a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his baby mama posing in front of a Christmas tree ... how sweet.
(1:20) Patty Baena's divorce docs -- VERY TELLING.
(2:50) Patty and Maria -- pregnant at the SAME TIME. Disgusting.
(3:50) Our photos of Arnold's love child ... you can SO TELL they're related.
(8:40) Did Maria have any idea the affair was going on? Evan weighs in.
(12:30) Will Maria and Arnold end in divorce?
(16:30) Why do famous guys have affairs with women who are less attractive than their wives?
(19:50) Patty and Octomom ... the comparison.
(28:35) Can wives sue husbands for cheating? Jason knows.
(32:50) Nina's opinion on Rihanna following Chris Brown on Twitter.
(37:55) Charles is being honored in the Bronx Hall of Fame ... and Harvey says we're going to do a piece about it on TMZ TV. Naturally, Charles disagrees.
(39:24) Webcam question -- how does TMZ break so many stories?
(43:00) Stephen Hawking doesn't believe in heaven ... what do the guys think?