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Creditor's Claim: Michael Jackson Gave Me Herpes

5/20/2011 2:46 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two bizarre creditors' claims were just filed in the Michael Jackson Estate case by a woman who claims Michael gave her an STD in the late '70s and it ruined her life.


Shellie Smith claims, "In 1979, I started having sexual relations with the decedent.  Shortly thereafter, I began to get blisters on my legs, face and lips.  He was my only partner."

Smith continues, "At this time, I am unable to have a full and vibrant life due to the complications of this disease."

But she also filed a second claim with different facts, stating she began having sex with Michael in 1977 and was diagnosed with herpes simplex.  In this claim, Smith says, "[Michael] knew I was getting blisters on my body, however, he continued to have sex with me."

Smith is asking the Estate for $10 million. 

Good luck ...  For starters, the statute of limitations ran out decades ago, the deadline for filing a creditor's claim has long expired, and the claim sounds, well ...

Oh, and this isn't Smith's first crazy claim -- in January 2010, she filed one saying she and Michael were secretly married and she was entitled to spousal support. That claim was rejected.


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Flameing Heart of Tears.Wake up, wake up, see the Morning !!Once so loved and now falling to the wolf as prey.Oh why, oh why will he not say..Flaming heart of Tears where did you go ??? Where is your home??? Summer winds know the truth.Oh why did you have to go?? Come on come on, see the Morning star.Summer winds blowing soft over his face, please let me free.Take all a number, Take all a nummer to hurt his Loving heart......No no it's not oky to hurt someones Feelings. No its not .....Lets see the Truth, speak the Truth....Come come Come on, lets begin...Love is his name

1250 days ago

Johnson Rising    

I'm outraged !!!
This lawsuit is clearly a money grab and so obviously made up of lies !!!
Michael only diddled little boys...he would never have touched any woman !!

1250 days ago


Billie Jean number ... actually I can't count to such big numbers.
I remember back in the day that this type of news would cross the news stream I was exposed too, many people would come up with all sorts of claims like that, saying they were MJ's wife, mother of his child,and whatever in general. It some point I though the might have been annoying for MJ and it would be no wonder if he needed a break from being Michael Jackson, or vacation of some sort.
Any way. Here is some "off the wall song".

1250 days ago


Lady, unless you were a 10-year-old boy at the time, you're full of it!

1250 days ago


Susanne thank you for your video post. It was nice to watch before I go to sleep. Thank you so much. You're a sweet person. I do too remember those claims back mostly in the 80s. I think it's nuts. Anyway, thank you and goodnight!

1250 days ago


GG1000 5 minutes ago
Lady, unless you were a 10-year-old boy at the time, you're full of it!

Hum, are you a dude or what, cause after looking through your posts, you seem to spew out nasty crap on EVERY frkcin' TMZ story about EVERY frickin celebrity, whom you know not ONE thing about, nor have you ever met. How weird! Thus, are you also an internal or someone who's just obsessed with celebrities. how weird!

1250 days ago



1250 days ago


katie10 16 minutes ago

I love Michael he is my GOD!
F all you bitches what I say goes!
I am the "Head" bitch at work,I rule
my world with an iron c*nt.


I think I love you! Seriously. No, Seriously.

1250 days ago


Isn´t there a stop to sue Michael´s estate?

It´s getting more and more crazy! Why did she wait to sue for fourty years and after his death? Don´t believe this for a second!

1250 days ago


@ Eleonora,

You are welcome.
thank you for the comment. My memories of such stories about MJ in the past are vague. Now I realize it must have been annoying for him.
I enjoy reading your compositions, when I come here. You may consider collecting them for a book, really.

1250 days ago


Leave Micheal alone.He has given more personal time & money to hurting people & seemingly hopeless situations.I know a body guard (from years ago) personally and they say he was a wonderful, optimistic, sensitive & truly heart felt(mostly anonymousness)philanthropist ,and amazing father (intuitively).I miss him every day,I grew up with him.He was my first love.(my musician husband told me that, he said "grieve for as long as it takes ,you never forget your first love).

1250 days ago


Can you exhume the body to inspect said tally whacker?

1250 days ago


lanie 11 hours ago

I think you're the one who needs serious help. You have a pedophile as your avatar pix.

Anyway, this is obviously a lie, because MJ was not into women, much less an "adult".
@lanie 11 hours ago

There's nothing wrong with LC4MICHAEL's post or their pictue. But, there is something wrong with your post. It's retarded. And your avatar pix is of a transvestite or an imitation of one of the Village People.

1250 days ago

my angel    

Please if, you have mercy let MJ rest in peace.he already died.Have a little mercy in his heart,the only person who can judge only is not play to be God.God can speak to tomorrow Who are you to judge."Judge not, lest ye be judged. For in the same way you judge, you will be judged, and the measure you use, it will be measured to you. "
Matthew 7:1-2. I humbly beg you to let him rest in peace if you have compassion in your heart.peace and love in the heart of all human races.god bless you.

1250 days ago
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