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Watch Me Piss Off Evil Westboro Church!!

5/20/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli has put the evil Westboro Baptist Church into one hell of a pickle -- they wanna protest her show tonight ... but for every hate-monger who shows up, she's gonna donate $1,000 to a pro-gay charity.

Lisa is performing in Topeka, Kansas -- home of the evil church -- and when she got word that members of the church were planning to protest her show -- because she is such an outspoken supporter of gay rights -- Lisa hatched a plan.

She's going to donate $1,000 for every protestor that shows up ... to the Gay Men's Health Crisis -- the nation's oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services provider.

Lisa tells TMZ, "It's gonna be hilarious to write out the checks to the GMHC and have them send thank you notes to the WBC for their 'generous contributions.'"

"I'd love to see their inbred faces when they open those thank you notes! Hopefully their jaws will drop so fast that their three remaining teeth and cro-magnon foreheads will plummet to the floor."


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Haaaaaaa...You Go Girl!

1215 days ago

T Ryan    

Nice idea, but probably not helpful... you won your point. Why screw it up by calling people names. These are people you don't even know. Yes, $1000 bucks a protester is a great and generous idea. Sending thank you notes is nice touch. Calling them three-toothed inbreds in some compromising situation just makes you look like the *******. I hope it wasn't 'funny' you were going for, cause if so, you jumped the shark.

1215 days ago


I'm not sure what the WBC teaches. My bible teaches that God loves all humans, gay, straight or otherwise. Does he condone everything man does, No, but let's get something straight, the only ones going to hell will be those who have made a conscious decision to reject the Son of God Jesus Christ. You can curse Him, dismiss Him, or just completely ignore what He had done for you, but one day every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. So it is written so it shall be done - oh, yeah and there is a rapture coming, no one knows the day, but you can bet that when it happens, the unbelieving world will find every excuse why millions of people are missing. Make no mistake, everything that the bible says will happen - WILL HAPPEN - believe it or not.

1215 days ago


I f-ind love this! Go Lisa, go!

1215 days ago


pure genius- thank you lisa!

1215 days ago


lmao!!! I LOVE YOU , that was FKN hilarious.

stupid religious nuts, hope they all hang themselves tonight at 6pm. Can u believe these idiots?

1215 days ago


Be funny if a bunch of gays pretended to be from the church and protest just so she donates a bunch of money.

1215 days ago


OMG!!! That is freaking AWESOME...She is one funny b*tch!

1215 days ago


GOOD FOR YOU, LISA!!! Inbred cult freaks! I can't believe they're actually taken seriously (only in the U. S.!).

1215 days ago

Jeff Davis    

HEre is a story and video of Lisa in Topeka battling the Westboro Baptist Church:

1215 days ago


the total was $44,000.00! she took the crowd outside and they started chanting. She also had the same sex couples makeout in front of the protestors

1215 days ago

Michelle Davis    

I think I love you Lisa, I really do.

1215 days ago


Way to go, Lisa! That is an awesome and generous gesture on your part. You totally rock!

1215 days ago


"Get rid of all religion and we won't have these problems."

Including the most intolerant, bigoted, hateful, brainwashed, and dangerous religion today which killed over 200 million in the 20th century alone, the religion of Big Govt which lefties worshiped as our ultimate authority and master.

1215 days ago


LOL, awesome! Go Lisa!

1215 days ago
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