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Watch Me Piss Off Evil Westboro Church!!

5/20/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli has put the evil Westboro Baptist Church into one hell of a pickle -- they wanna protest her show tonight ... but for every hate-monger who shows up, she's gonna donate $1,000 to a pro-gay charity.

Lisa is performing in Topeka, Kansas -- home of the evil church -- and when she got word that members of the church were planning to protest her show -- because she is such an outspoken supporter of gay rights -- Lisa hatched a plan.

She's going to donate $1,000 for every protestor that shows up ... to the Gay Men's Health Crisis -- the nation's oldest HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care services provider.

Lisa tells TMZ, "It's gonna be hilarious to write out the checks to the GMHC and have them send thank you notes to the WBC for their 'generous contributions.'"

"I'd love to see their inbred faces when they open those thank you notes! Hopefully their jaws will drop so fast that their three remaining teeth and cro-magnon foreheads will plummet to the floor."


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Wait, let's think about this. If she donates in their name, can't they claim it on their taxes for a tax writeoff? It's a contribution isn't it? The group are all lawyers, and don't think they haven't thought of a way to benefit from this...not to mention all the publicity (which they feed upon) that they are getting.

1230 days ago


Krishna Stone,

You're sick and confused. I hope you don't have children that you're spreading this nonsense to. Because one disagrees with the perversion of homosexual behavior does not mean that they have a fear of it. It means they have a moral compass. If you were truly concerned about the people affected by AIDS/HIV, you would do more to educate people about the harm of homosexual sex, given that it is unnatural and statistically spreads AIDS/HIV at a much greater rate than heterosexual/normal sexual behavior. Thanks!

1230 days ago


Two words, Genius & Priceless!!!

1230 days ago


What a great idea...hopefully others will follow suit.

1230 days ago


elpablo, are you honestly suggesting these freaks --who show up at people's funerals to make a scene-- have a moral compass? You are aware that they wanted to show up and protest at the funeral of Christina TaylorGreen, the nine year old girl who was murdered while trying to meet her member of congress. These animals offer NOTHING good to the world.

and hey, I wish I could be there when they get their thank you notes too :)

1230 days ago


elpablo, are you honestly suggesting this freaks --who show up at people's funerals to make a scene-- have a moral compass? They offer NOTHING good to the world. I wish the lot of them would disappear.

1230 days ago


Hilarious! Well played Lisa, well played...

1230 days ago


I'd definitely be curious to find out how much money she ends up donating. Until then, I think I just became a Lisa Lampanelli fan.

1230 days ago


Heard (read) she paid out over 44k for that cause, good for her used to follow her on twitter for awhile she just became annoying so not funny

1230 days ago


wouldn't it be hilarious of the people would come out pretending to be from that church and the total of them would say be.. 500 people out protesting Lisa Lamanelli? That 500 times 1000... Is she rich or something? I doubt that. Those roasts certainly can't make her mucho moolah and I bet her shows don't exactly sell out overnight either. She's a disgusting hog.

1230 days ago

Sweden forever    

That is genius! Love it!

1230 days ago


I love it!

1230 days ago


dur dur, they're STILL going to show up. they love seeing people 'sinning' in their own eyes.

1230 days ago

Made it Past 27    


1230 days ago


Haha! Now I love Lisa. What a great plan! More should do the same!

1230 days ago
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