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Chicago Bulls Star Appears to Hurl Gay Slur at Fan

5/22/2011 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joakim Noah pulled a Kobe Byrant during tonight's Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat NBA playoff game ... caught on camera appearing to hurl a gay slur at a fan. 

Noah went to the bench early in the game with his second foul. After a replay, the camera cut back to Noah ... who screamed a few colorful words in the direction of a fan behind the bench.

He ended his screaming appearing to say, "F**k you, f**got."

Unlike Kobe's outburst, the announcer's made no mention of Joakim's.

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What's up,Harvey?Are you guys bored,so you gotta report stuff like this?Reeeeaaallly???Guess what?You're fa ggots for writing an article like this!!I'm disappointed.

1250 days ago


Joakim--use to hang out at the all men's bats in the lower westheimer secion of houston--Im just sayin!!

1250 days ago

Howard in Miami    

It's cool because Grant Hill in a halftime infomercial said preached to us that just using the word "gay" was offensive... so "F**k you too Grant Hill, you f**got."

1250 days ago

I am Spartacus    

"If he would have appeared to say "f*** you n*****," would TMZ have made a story about player using racial slur? I didn't think so. "

you're 1000% corrent. Since Harvey himself is gay he'll make a big deal about it and all the Gay Groups will come out and say they are offended so they can get their few minutes of attention. But if he used the N word nobody would say anything or if he called him cracker or whatever. Gay people get offended about everything and make the biggest fuss about it.

"Chad 3 minutes ago
I think he should be fired. He is an embarassment to the team and doesn't deserve all the money he makes if is going to display himself in such a poor manner in the public. Thank You Harvey for bringing attention to this."

you're an idiot. You probably don't even watch the NBA and think because a guy used the word f@ ggot that he is no good at the sport. As much as i am not a Noah fan the guy plays hard and does his job as good as almost every other center in the NBA. His job is to play defense, grab rebounds and add toughness and he does all of that. Starting center on a team in the Eastern Conference Finals but you think because he used some word that a overly-sensitive group doesn't like that he should be fired.

1250 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

I want to hear more stories about who Harvey is dating.

1250 days ago


Chad, again you can't stop thinking of the gays. I love the argument "I'm not a homophobe, but you . are sick of the gay ****. Face it bitch you're either a homophobe or a closet case obsessed with gay sex

1250 days ago


Yeah, that sucks. But let's deal with the really important stuff. Did you get any good shots of Lindsay Lohan ?

1250 days ago


there will be a public statement to the effect of" i didn't mean it in a hurtful or homophobic way" there seems to be a lot of homophobia in American sports!

1250 days ago

J. Ryan    

If you are going to make a huge deal of Kobe and make him play a fine, then the same should apply for this guy. The only difference is I've actually heard of Kobe LOL

1250 days ago

James C.    

TMZ's readership appears to be strongly supportive of bigotry in the public sphere. Idiots don't even know what the First Amendment is and isn't. The government won't jail you for being a bigot. But the evolved members of the human race will disown you.

1250 days ago


since fa-g-got means basically "burning sticks", i don't understand why gays feel the need to make it all about them? Yes, it is used mostly by theists against the gays, but it can be used against anyone who one would consider hell bound. that would make atheists, jews, muslims, murderers, rapists, thieves, false profits, witches etc etc... fa-g-gots in the eyes of any christian.

1250 days ago


@James C-- spot on. Wish I could have expressed it as well.

1250 days ago

lil harvey    

Well Joakim isn't a rapist like Kobe. Do you remember the bs Kobe caused??? People forget!!!! Not me.

1250 days ago



1250 days ago


Joakim Noah made some gay moves on the court tonight.

1250 days ago
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