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Chicago Bulls Star Appears to Hurl Gay Slur at Fan

5/22/2011 7:12 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Joakim Noah pulled a Kobe Byrant during tonight's Chicago Bulls/Miami Heat NBA playoff game ... caught on camera appearing to hurl a gay slur at a fan. 

Noah went to the bench early in the game with his second foul. After a replay, the camera cut back to Noah ... who screamed a few colorful words in the direction of a fan behind the bench.

He ended his screaming appearing to say, "F**k you, f**got."

Unlike Kobe's outburst, the announcer's made no mention of Joakim's.

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So what! Stop whining!!! The top 3 whining groups have to be the LBGT, PETA, and NAACP....with Hispanics and feminists rounding out the top 5.

1227 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Would it have been better if he just called him a Pickle Kisser? Can't wait for all the overly sensitive gay groupe to jump at this chance for more publicity. The reason so many people can't stand gay people is because they try to force their lifestyles on everyone. That and they are so overly sensitive to anything and everything.

1227 days ago


Fine this idiot 200k

1227 days ago


Oh get over it. People who say there calling their fans who line their pockets names, wrong they were in Miami, and may the guys was an f'ing f*#out??

1227 days ago


Harmless? Methinks not...get a load of the suicide and attempted suicide rates for gay/lesbian/transgener teens. The name-calling takes its toll and that's why we're not dealing with just being politically correct.

1227 days ago


That's just what we yell when we're pissed.

1227 days ago


Seriously, we don't mean no harm to the gay community.

1227 days ago


all you need something better to do with your time...as for that goblin that made the gay slur, he looks transgendered himself probably trying to cover something up..peace

1227 days ago


Love him or hate him, Charles Barkley is a very strong supporter of gay rights. Recently he said in an interview "I would rather have a gay man that can play than a straight man who can't. He says a person's orientation is their own business and that teams should judge gay teammates on their skills and not sexual orientation.

1227 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Um, is it just me or does Chad seem a little tense?
Re: Harvey putting this on the TMZ site:
This info has been on every network (& local) sports news so are they all gay and that's why they're broadcasting it too?

Stubart - hilarious

Superman - You have listed all the groups you think whine all the time? You forgot the one where people use Super-Heroes names to compensate for.....oh, you know why....

If anybody wants this guy fined, it would be KOBE! Also, anybody with hair styled (?)like Noah's should keep his mouth shut!

1227 days ago


So what? What's the problem?

1227 days ago


Okay in the heat of the moment a comment like that is not meant to be malicious against homosexuals. It is a comment meant towards a person that he was pissed at. Noah is not homophobic and people need to be less sensitive. We live in a society where everything is blown out of proportion and really there is a difference between calling someone homosexual and calling someone a f*****. It is a word that carries a connotation other than being a homosexual just like calling someone a pimp or a dbag. Lighten up people.

1227 days ago



1227 days ago


Maybe people should stop worrying about what people are mouthing during sports games. This is getting old and won't ever stop.

1227 days ago


men think with their d&cks, that why it must always comes back to who is the most "manly". They are like male dogs, all they do, is go around, so insecure, having to hump everyone around then to feel they are still in power. I say strip all men naked, put them on an island and give them guns....this all they really need to survive.

1227 days ago
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