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Maria Shriver -- Sunset Stroll

5/22/2011 11:59 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver took her mind off things by taking a walk along the beaches of Malibu yesterday with a few friends.

The ocean air will do wonders.


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....I wish women would get off this "I am woman so therefore I am victim" bulls#it. It's become old and transparent.

Maria Shriver knew well what her husband to be was then, and is now. However, her gold-digging cravings,and desire for fame and prestige, made it easy to put those things before her own dignity. So again, enough with this female pity party.

Either a woman is too dumb to pick a better choice of man,
or knows exactly what type of man she's getting it in with.
Either way, it's time for so called
"strong, intelligent women" to start taking responsibility for their own bad choices---or just concede that this "strong, intelligent woman" bit is just a fraudulent bill of sale.

Women, put on your big girl pants, or iron your skirts,
get back into the kitchen, and make your man a steak dinner.

You can skip the barefoot and pregnant part,the world is already filled with way too many annoying rug-rats.....Artofwar

1250 days ago

Queen of the World    

@cagestokerblog - are you really that stupid? The only thing historic about the Kennedy spawn is that they were started by a bootlegging whoremaster named Joe who taught his male spawn to whore around and even kill innocent women and never have to answer for their crimes. Lobotomizing his own daughter and then calling her 'special' and Eunice Shriver taking the helm of the Special Olympics in honor of a mutilated sister who was NOT retarded or special, just a normal teenager.
If you want to cry for someone, cry for Mary Jo Kopeckne or Rosemary Kennedy.
Don't waste tears on the over indulged and uber wealthy Maria. She will be fine.

1250 days ago


leave her alone already

1250 days ago


Please leave her alone. Stop taking her picture and give her some privacy.

1250 days ago


According to one of the four network news agencies, Maria may have known about Baena back in 2003 before Arnold became Governor. And back when Bill Clinton was being impeached for Monica Lewinsky, Arnold was livid that politicians private lives could be exposed like that. The Schwarzenegger's are people who see things differently than average people do. Like Bill Clinton said, about the womanizing, "I did it cause I could". It's that sort of entitlement among our wealthiest, political families that creates these scandals. The husband cheats, the wife stands by and is declared innocent, the man says' I have hurt my wife and family.. my wife knew nothing.. and I am sorry to my family". What about their victims?

1250 days ago


Queen of the World: Lay off Maria and the Kennedy's. If you want to see something really scary, take a picture of Sarah Palin's brain.

1250 days ago

yadda yadda    

first get her a sandwich, she looks like skeletors mom, second leave her alone. She deserves her privacy.

1250 days ago


This is her "profile in courage" beach walk.

1250 days ago


what took Shriver so long to take a look at that child, and see that he looked LIKE HER HUSBAND? 13 yrs is a long time to not say anything!! Now she is all martyered up and shocked.. something is NOT adding up...she may have wanted to become the 1st LADY of Calif... so she put off opening her trap.. Hmmmmm!!BTW, did she get a BAD face-lift?? or is it anorexia...

1250 days ago

There's a problem here    

I'm not much of a fan, but I'm betting she'll be another lady who will show them how it should be done with dignity and grace. I just wish she'd eat something once in a while though. Her face is way too gaunt. Shame on him tearing an entire family apart just because he was looking for a warm place to put it. Shame on him.

1250 days ago


It seems to me that Arnold used Maria's family for political advantage, cheated on her while they were married and then discarded her after he left office. I hope Maria and all those damaged by this are getting some sunshine and eating properly. It will help their spirits. She is a beautiful lady.

1250 days ago

She's baaaack    

Maria wasn't a golddigger. She was a child of privilege and a professional with a high profile job doing news for a national channel. She did just fine on her own.

And those of you who are maligning her because she may have "known" before his gubernatorial bid. I offer to you the saint of all wives Elizabeth Edwards, who most of you have elevated to sainthood. Elizabeth knew damn well her husband was a wh0re, maybe she didn't know about the kid, but she knew he was a wh0re, and she stood by him and smiled and looked all first ladyish while she offered her wh0re husband up to be president of the USA. So get off your high horses. These people are way different than the majority of us commoners.

1250 days ago


more like "SUNSET TROLL!!" UGLY!

1250 days ago


It is really sad how cruel people have become with their vicious comments. Money does not bring people happiness nor take away the pain. If it did, we would not see all of these celebrities throughout the years going into rehab for some kind of addiction. Be kind and say kind words about one another. Spread kindness not hate and envy-your own life will be much happier.:)

1250 days ago


Maria, my heart is breaking for the pain your are suffering.
I hope you are able to find some comfort and peace within your family, the church or the public. So wish you had your mom here to help you with all this.
You are a wonderful woman and give to so many people.
You deserve so much more and none of what you are going through.
Please remember, take care of yourself. There are many of us that adore you, for being you. I am one of them. God Bless.

1250 days ago
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