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Arnold's Baby Mama Defaulted on Car Loan

5/22/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger dropped a ton of cash on baby mama Mildred Patricia Baenabut not enough to cover her car payments -- because TMZ has learned she defaulted on her ride back in 2004.


According to documents filed back in 2005, Baena had her car repo'd in April 2004 after she failed to make payments on a 2001 Nissan Frontier.

We're told a collection agency still has an active case on Baena for $17,193.82 in back payments.

As we previously reported, Arnold forked over the down payment on Baena's home in Bakersfield, CA and even picked up the tab on her niece's Quinceanera. 

Think he'll open the checkbook again?


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Maria and her daughter **** on the floor in the changing room at Sak's fifth avenue--Im just sayin!!!

1218 days ago



How come you guys didn't show the clip of Arnold holding his love child, and playing with him.

The Insider got it, yet y'all didn't

1218 days ago


Oh dear!..also did you guys find out how many ants she stepped on the way to try and stop the repo guys from taking her car because that is as relevant as this latest nonsense that you're trying to pull.
Quick Harvey! did she swat any flies that might have flew into the door when she had it open in 1985 or did she in 1986, honk her horn loudly and made a baby squirrel fall from a tree!!!!!.

1218 days ago


My heart reaches out to the illegitimate son of such a conniving and evil woman and such an ego maniac trying to regain his youth.

1218 days ago


I heard a rumor that in the Total Recall remake that Ahnuld and that carnival freak's lovechild will be playing Kuato. Is this true?

1218 days ago


lilac 9 hours ago
Why is TMZ digging up all the dirt on HER. They are making her personal and private finances public, and doing it in such a way as to smear her in a subtle racist manner. She's in default on her mortgage and car and she's MIA, none of her neighbors have seen her or her son going into week two. Yet Maria is getting pampered and pedicured, while Arnold is casually driving around town and spending time with his kids as if nothing has happened.

Yet in the media this woman is being ripped to shreds, smeared in such a manner as I have never seen, and we still don't know her side of the story.

Something is very wrong with all this.


I was giving the maid props for not going public with this. I thought she was doing well not saying anything, thereby not hurting her son any further but the more I see this smear campaign against her, I think it's time she spoke up. I think it's time for her to lawyer up before the media completely destroy her life.
The media are turning more and more people against Arnold and Maria by putting out stories of Arnold and Maria living the good life while they destroy the lives of the maid and her son.

1218 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Sammy (my friend): That is not what I wrote Sammy. I don't think Maria deserves this because she chose Ahnie.

I think Maria deserves this because...KNOWING EXACTLY what Ahnie was....she DEFENDED HIM against sexual harassment allegations against him put out by women he SEXUALLY HARASSED. She knew he did it, yet she DENIED THE OTHER WOMEN but DEFENDING HIM just so he would get elected - and he did.

Now, Ahnie's sexual dalliances (which she DENIED DENIED DENIED...though SHE KNEW THEY WERE TRUE) have landed her in this mess. She absolutely deserves this. It's poetic justice.

1218 days ago


She is alot more stupid than she looks...There is NO excuse for her to not have been living the high life for her and her son! She should be living in a million dollar mansion in LA with her own maids and having at least six new Mercedes Benz's. She should have also been able to get plastic surgery so that when all of this did come out people wouldnt'd be laughing at her like they are! She is just stupid....

1217 days ago


Who cares about this? this happened what. She hit the jackpot, now she does not have to clean houses anymore.

1217 days ago


I think its time people leave the maid alone. She made a mistake, and so did Arnold. Arnold had admitted his mistake and apologized. Now him and Maria are doing the right thing by divorcing. Least he's taking care of his son, and showed him love in those videos from the Insider, unlike most fathers who forget about their love children.

**** happens! Life goes on.

1217 days ago


She may even have contracted Pyorheah--good lord no!!

1217 days ago


She just mad cause she Fa, she Ugly, and she stink!!! I'm just sayin.

1217 days ago


Generous....give me a break! She's dumb! Should have quit the job and collected child support. She would have gotten $65,000./month easy! He got off easy...s***!

1217 days ago


Arnold has never been what HE has thought he is. He managed to parlay his "kennedy" connection and mediocre acting into a fortune but as a human being he is truly lower ythan low.

1217 days ago


After reading these comments the only thought come to mine, people do not understand the community property laws for the state of CA. The laws protect the spouses under communties laws from out side outside parties like the one in this affair.

A person cannot inherit anything from one living parent estate even if it's their real father that has passed earlier in life. According to the communty property laws the only thing this child is entitled to is child support. The legitmate children owns everything after both parent are dead in a communties property state.Unless he is willed something through a will or a living trust and both spouses has to agree to it to make it legal. If one of your parents marry again and buys property with their second spouse let alone and outside affair he owes the heirs from the first marriage n-o-t-h-i-n-g because it's community property.Maybe if women would know the laws under communtity property women wouldn't look at what other women have amassed with their husbands and thinks having a baby for the man will allow them to lay claims to half or most of it. That not the law under communtity property .That why nine states mades such laws to protect properties aquired during marriages from golddiggers just like Mildred Baena.

1217 days ago
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