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Bar Refaeli's New Bikini


5/23/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're Leo DiCaprio ... and you just broke up with Bar Refaeli ... and you see these photos of her on a yacht in France ... do you hate yourself right now????


The answer is yes.


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Oh Yes! She is special!!..But I'm sure Leo has other SPECIALS!!

1251 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

@Atillathegun: Just because you "Semitic woman" used you and then dumped you for someone better shouldn't make you angry. You shouldn't take it personally. Jews are known for trading up. That's what makes us so successful :)

1251 days ago

Smarter Human    

That's what her boobs look like unsupported by a Victoria's Secret pushup bra - saggy! I'd still lick them though...jus' sayin'

1251 days ago

Smarter Human    

SO WHAT! Her holes smell awful just like every other skank out there...

1251 days ago

Big D    

That just proves the old saying : no matter how beautiful a woman is, there is a guy somewhere tired of her Sh#t........

1251 days ago

Smarter Human    

She DOES look like she is peeing in the photo on the right.

1251 days ago


Not impressed ( and apparently neither was Leo)---she is thin--but in no way firm or fit. her knees look fat...legs look stumpy--
For those that are asking why TMZ loves her ---duh...its because she is Jewish-- not to many Jewish superbabes...
Now any hot chick of any race in a bikini is nice to see...
but if you want to see a really hot jewish chick...please refer to Nathalie Portman.

1251 days ago

Smarter Human    

Attilathedoosh, There is no such thing as "how a semitic woman looks"..that's idiotic. It's like saying you don't like the way catholic women look. You're dumb and a bigot.

1251 days ago

Smarter Human    

Fred you're a f@ck|ng idiot!

1251 days ago


All this hate for this woman? What about Leo? The dude is middle-aged and chubby. No woman would look twice if he wasn't famous.

Yeah, he can sleep with all the beautiful women he wants BUT they only want him because he is Leo Di Caprio, the actor, not because of the man he really is.

Bar is young and beautiful. She's clearly enjoying her lief and I'm guessing it won't be long till she find someone better then Leo, while Leo will still be whoring around.

I'd say she's had a lucky break.

1251 days ago


well I think she is a beautiful young woman..I guess her and Leo just came to the end thats all......I am thinking she was too young to settle down...anyone who thinks this girl is not pretty or doesnt have a nice looking woman's body, in my opinion is just jealous..I like that she is not all muscle and sinew..woman are suppose to look soft , not hard bodied.

1250 days ago

Tony Ramirez    

The answers is an overwhelming NO, and the reason is......
he already hit that.. now its on to greener and better pastures.

go get em Leo!!

1250 days ago


Yeah, right, she's real hot...NOT!!

R. Kelly would have love to have been under that stream of piss she's letting loose of in the picture on the right!!! Ewwwww!!

1250 days ago


She's got an average look... What because a star porks her she's hot??

1250 days ago


Sorry i don't get what all the hoopla is about she's pretty but body wise i've seen much hotter. where are her curves?

1250 days ago
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