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Fashion Legend Died with FOUR Mega Homes

5/24/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Fashion icon Bijan Pakzad -- known for the $50,000 suits he used to sell out of his Beverly Hills boutique -- died with FOUR multi-million dollar properties spread across the L.A. area ... TMZ has learned.


According to legal documents filed Thursday at L.A. County Superior Court, Bijan owned a $5 million mansion in Beverly Hills, another giant multi-million dollar mansion in Malibu, and two ritzy condos in West Hollywood.

The docs show the vast amount of Bijan's enormous estate will be divided among his three children -- with a small remainder going to his sister and two ex-wives.

It's unclear exactly how much his entire estate is worth -- but based on the will, contained in the legal documents, Bijan believed his fortune was valued somewhere in the mid eight-figure range.

As we previously reported, Bijan -- whose boutique is known as the most expensive store in the world -- died in L.A. last month after suffering a stroke. He was 67.


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1249 days ago

Fredrick j frenger jr.    

Lots of croakers out there. Sad for those who will miss their physical presence, but like it or not consciousness continues after death.

Not authorized to say much, but Hell exists, it’s FAR more distressing than most imagine. You just lay immobilized while all of your intrinsic, suppressed fears are dissected by a primitive, sado entity who delights in, and is empowered by rattling the raw nervousness buried within your soul. One of the persecutor dudes looks like a cruel, toothless, lobotomized Elmer Fudd whose suffered a stroke, or maybe a circus freak from the mid 1800’s. If you ever go, you’ll find the whole experience similar to a harrowing LSD trip that never ends, unless you know the ONE secret to get out.

And screw Stephen Hawking, this guy just needs a warm bottle and a diaper change, Heaven exists. In fact a new one was just cut, it’s called the ‘Shimmering City.’ It’s a modern Eden, minus prohibitions surrounded by a vast, jungle-like paradise. It operates in a slow--mo time-wave-frequency, and has inimitably intense colors that evoke a profound blissfulness in your consciousness. If you come within an eye shot of it you will well up in tears, and be filled with an orgasmic, radiance that penetrates the deepest chasms of your being. They have these unfathomably hot, busty, Amazonian type woman walking the outskirts. Seriously, I’ve never seen healthier specimens in all my days of ogling earth woman, absolutely dazzling. Surprisingly, the inhabitants will be permitted to live out unspeakable fantasies; fulfilling desires considered taboo on earth. Also they have really cool flowers.

Also, goodbye macho man savage, the one thing I learned from you: If you do several arm curls in proper form, then squeeze into a preshrunk, four-year-old-boys T-shirt, you can look really, really jacked - at least till the shirt gets too stretched out.

1249 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    


1249 days ago


Screw the story, I enjoyed Fredrick j frenger jr's comment more lol. Great hypothesis, or do you have first hand experience?

1249 days ago


I'm not sure how much of a "legend" you can be when you are really only known amongst those who spend $50,000 on a single suit.

My condolences to his friends and family.

1249 days ago


I want some of what Fredrick J is taking.

1249 days ago


What were the condos for in West Hollywood, his boyfriends?

1249 days ago

northern gypsy    

i definitely want some of what "fredrick j" is having !!!
have to agree with "mighty mad"...
having said that...B.P. estate is a loving gift to his family...

1249 days ago


I say good for him,,well, good for his kids anyway.

1248 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

BTW, Fred - what's the ONE secret?

1248 days ago


I remember years ago seeing Life Styles of the Rich and Famous.

Hey if you have the money and want to spend 50 grand on a suit then why not? Great for the economy, then sitting in the bank.

They I believe had solid gold buttons and gold stitching, And you had to have an appointment to go there.

But really the sad part is 67 is pretty young now days to die, from a sudden illness such as a stroke.

If I'm incorrect oops but aren't they wanting to make that the new retirement age for SS? And Medicare?

1248 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

he's probably taylorin a suit for osama, as we know??! i bet he's from over that way, too.

1248 days ago


The actual store is not where he made his money, it was the hookers connection run out of the back bar in the store that kept everything afloat long after the change in styles and the economy would have knocked this 1980s relic off rodeo drive........ never made sense to me, most of his tacky clients had passed away , the items carried in this store were so dated and tacky 1970s, 1980s crap

1248 days ago

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