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Duggar Family Delivers Relief to Tornado Disaster

5/24/2011 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The family from the TLC reality show "19 Kids & Counting" sprang into action just hours after that deadly tornado ripped through Missouri -- packing up supplies and driving through the night to join the rescue effort ... TMZ has learned.

Josh Duggar -- the eldest Duggar child -- tells TMZ the fam spent Sunday night and all day Monday delivering supplies and clearing massive piles of debris to search for survivors in Joplin, MO.

Josh says he and 5 siblings -- John, Jana, Jill, Jessa, Joseph and Dad, Jim Bob -- decided to load up a 3 car caravan late Sunday night when they heard about the disaster in Joplin ... just one hour from their home in Arkansas.

Four of the Duggars are volunteer firefighters ... and Josh says rescue officials immediately put the family's considerable manpower to work -- assigning them to search around the devastated town for any activity -- and hand out supplies at command posts.

Josh tells us the survivors he met were most interested in recovering memories ... saying, "People in Joplin aren't looking for stuff, they're looking for their lives."


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Ima Dad 2    

Opinions are like rectums: Everyone has one, and the vast majority of them stink.

Have you not yet realized that it matters not one ounce what you "think" or what your "opinion" is of the Duggar's family size, or any large family's number of children for that matter?

Look, the number of children an individual CHOOSES to have boils down to one question that you must ask yourself: How selfish do I want to be with the money coming in each month?
You are going to spend your money on something, be it a home, car, "toys", expensive vacations, half-dozen sodas per day, etc. It is a matter of choice.

The Duggars chose to go on national television in order to offer you a glimpse of how a large family operates, and for a large family, they are doing an awesome/amazing job. There's not one single soul among the current respondents to this article who could do the job that the Duggar parents do - and you couldn't do it with half of the number of offspring that the Duggars have. I include myself in that, and I have 7 of my own.

Being a large family isn't something that's done so others can say "Wow, look at that family, won't ya!" -- We chose different priorities than what the majority of other families chose for themselves. Our home is paid for, so there's no rent or monthly mortgage that we have to stay on top of; all of our vehicles are paid for, so there's another bill that we don't have to concern ourselves with.

One argument against large families that I hear more than anything else is "You can't possible give your children the time that they deserve". My rebuttal for that is "You make time for the things that are really important to you." So, yes, you absolutely can give each child quality individual one-on-one time.

I used to have the mindset that a lot of you have. I thought that it was "irresponsible" to have more kids than what you're capable of handling. Over time, I've learned that it is very manageable, and absolutely not irresponsible.

I also hear "Buddy, you have really got your hands full with all those kids!"

My reply? "Not really. God just created me with large hands."

1216 days ago


Mica most average Americans don't have a means to support others. Im sure many would if they could so lets not put down America. The Duggars are to Independent Fundamentalist Baptist who follow the Quiverfull philosophy. Google it. Just because some isn't a leech on society doesn't give them a right to as many kids as they please.Besides donating is a tax write off.Why do you think so many celebs do charity work? Ok not all but many Funny I dont recall anyone getting upset over Bush drinking or starting a billion dollar war.

1216 days ago

Tigers Wood    

GOD said go forth and reproduce... Everyone should have as many babies as possible.
The world will be able to handle this.

1216 days ago


While I give credit to everyone who helped during this disaster, including the Duggars, I think it is sad that this family feels the need to be patted on the back for every good deed they do. It's not like they were the only ones helping out. This family seems to thrive on any media attention they get. I don't know anyone else that feels the need to go on a morning news show to announce every time they are expecting another baby. I don't care if they go on to have 20 more kids. I do feel bad for the older girls that could be stuck in that house for a long time raising all of their siblings while the Jim Bob and Michelle go on to prove what great Christians they are.

1216 days ago


Driving through the night... for an hour?

1216 days ago

Glenda in Texas    

To "LoveMyFans" - This report is about the Duggars and their charitable contributions to the Joplin tornado victims. What the hell does President Obama have to do with this? It must really chap your hyde that his man won the Presidency. Get over it and move on with your hateful life. You probably didn't say a damn thing while your boy GWBush vacationed often while ignoring warnings of September 11th.

1216 days ago


This family does not receive any government assistaence of any kind. They self supporting and are in fact debt free. Their kids are all well grounded and well educated. Not a one of them is out running the streets and getting into trouble. They are not spoiled over weight kids watching tv and playing video games all day.

As for this article being in the media, has it occurred to anyone that they were recognized and interviewed by one or several of the news agencies down there right now. No where does it say the Duggars called the media to report their volunteer efforts.

As someone now living outside of the United States I can tell you that American world reputation as a society is low. Americans are generally considered heartless, among other degrading labels. The comments on here and most American based forums and messages boards prove it everyday.

1216 days ago


I wonder if those like Imadad2 could survive without tither child tax credit. Many of these Quiverufll families stay 'debt-free' because they kids don't eat healthy, live in dilapidated conditions, and most are without insurance. Fran there are plenty of good hearted souls in this country. they do not feel the need to be patted on the back as a poster mentioned. Forget what you see on programs like "Jersey Shore" and 'My Super Sweet Sixteen" becuase only a small percentage live that way.

1216 days ago

Evan Benz    

How many toilets do they have in that house ???

1216 days ago


Michelle will have another baby. She has an addiction problem. Having babies is her addiction in life. She will have a baby until she stops bleeding. It doesn't bother me.

1216 days ago


why do people feel the need to comment on how many children they have? they don't collect welfare, foodstamps or any state aid! people should mind their own buisness! bet the people who felt the need to talk about how many kids they have are the ones on state welfare! what a noble and wonderful thing for the family to do!!!

1216 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

I would rather have 19 children who are raised to give back to this world, than 19 separate kids that leech off of our tax dollars, give nothing back but attitude!

Also, Chad wtf is wrong with you? Why are you so pissed off all the time?
Why is the only nice thing you say is "decent church going people?" Are you one? If you are, you certainly blow the roof off of all the church people I've met in my life. You seem to hate a lot of might want to take a Xanax now and then................

1216 days ago


Mr Duggar must have a BIG one!

Please post nude photos!

1216 days ago


IDK where you all are from that's commenting on the number of children, but down here in the south our grandparents had 10-15 on average, so i don't see what's so disgusing about it.. I applaud a family that has great values behind them. They are old school and take care of themselves. They will grow up to be fine young men & women. Look at the population who have 1-3 kids in their household and need foodstamps/welfare to survive. I think everyone could learn some lessons from this beautiful family.

1216 days ago


What a incredible family. Thank you for making a difference in these families that lost everything. Now if more families like this would just go and help out we can make a difference .

1216 days ago
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