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TMZ Live: Lampanelli Rips 'Inbred' Westboro Morons

5/23/2011 2:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lisa Lampanelli proves the gay haters of Westboro Baptist Church are even dumber than we think ... Plus, the racist side of Arnold's mistress -- and how she could be the key to rehabbing his public image.

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live.


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(0:00) Charles is back from New York ... after being inducted into the Bronx Walk of Fame. Congrats!!!
(4:03) New developments in the Arnold saga -- and how Harvey thinks it compares to the Mel/Oksana situation.
(10:40) Arnold and Maria -- a regular marriage or a power alliance? Differing opinions here.
(13:40) Lisa Lampanelli is on the phone!!! She talks about how she stuck it to the homophobic morons at the Westboro Baptist Church.
(15:30) Lisa did NOT expect so many protesters to show up ... hilarious.
(21:20) Would Lisa get herpes for $20 million? 
(28:40) Oscar de la Hoya enters rehab over cocaine and infidelity issues ... Harvey and Mike have all the details. Plus ... is substance abuse a good excuse for cheating?
(36:00) Joakim Noah hurls a gay slur ... Evan, Harvey and Charles debate the use of hurtful words in professional sports.
(45:30) Lady Gaga on "SNL" -- we hear she WASN'T a diva ... Dax is in the know.
(49:00) Charles talks about the Bronx Walk of Fame ... and shows us the plaque he was given.


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Mr. Charles deserves the award. He brings a terrific balance of mind to the TMZ forum, incorporating open-mindedness without losing a moral compass.

1247 days ago


Joakim makes like 12 mil a year, and Kobe is well over 20. So, yeah, it makes sense....

1247 days ago


Arnold should have to turn-in his nuts and become a eunuch after flogging a live-in double bagger.. What's the purpose in hiring a fugly live-in housekeeper if not to insure against wood?? Arnold must look into the mirror and see a legitimate skank for him to lower his sights that FAR!

1247 days ago


This is a post from someone claiming to be Patty's daughter in law. Very interesting. Please follow up - allegations of child molestation by Patty's ex husband, allegations of welfare fraud on the part of Patty and her daughter. Very interesting.
Mildred his a gold digging whore even as a mother in law who has 5 kids Jackie Rozo who was on meth when she gave birth to gloria who is 5 yrs old when she was born and also was commiting welfare fruad while she lived in El Salvador with her husband Marlon who got deported years ago Mother( Mildred) would collect her food stamps for the address under 6517 Kester Ave Van Nuys . When she had up coming appts with Welfare in Van Nuy she flew back w money mom wired to her. Jerry Rozo who is blind in one eye is a pot head and has problems with alchol. as well ..he is a real winner .... John Bernard Rozo my ex-husband who lives at 6517 kester ave #6 Van Nuys California who also has a history of drug usuage and alchol. Plus a DUI that was dished out April 2009 is on Probation now until 2012. Roger Baena is also another winner bcuz he was accused of oral copulation when my son was 4 yrs old and I left John bcuz he didnt believe me . Roger was never prosecuted bcuz my son brushed his teeth I was told by John Bernard Rozo that Arnold would go after me SO not to say a word. There is a police report at the Northridge police station in regards to this 2004. Files were never charged. Still have the paper trailon that. John Bernard Rozo was physical, sexual abuse , verbal and mentally through out 4yr our marriage. When it finally came to a stop in Grants Pass, Oregon when he picked up a knife and tryed to assault me after sexually trying to pin me down by my wrist and I fought him as usual as he ripped off my clothes. the week before which I have do***ented also by a wrist injury by the Asante Medical Group in Oregon(2006) . I fought back and it has been a bitter custody battle with the two kids I had with him. My kids have so many memories of Mildred being nasty to them and me also of having getting daddy to stop hurting mommy. Or watching daddy hurt mom instead of them. I am not perfect I am just a mother who waits and see's how life and god hand out JUSTICE TO ALL. JOESPH BAENA is a great kid he really is he isnt to screwed up yet!!! I have all my do***ents in case JOHN trys to mess w my life again for protection THANK GOD FOR DIVORCES........... GOD BLESS ALL WHO READ SHE REALLY ISNT A NICE PERSON BUT SHE IS REAL ABOUT CERTAIN THINGS ONLY!!!!!
NORA I say the truth becuz I am tired of being stepped on by his threats. OF ARNOLD WILL FIGHT FOR HIM.

1247 days ago

Wonder This    

I wonder - If Lacie doesn't like Harvey or his topics.. Why continue watching?

1247 days ago


Lindsay is the best forever! You know when launching her album "Spirit in the Dark"?

1247 days ago



1247 days ago


Max's hair is so dark. Did he stop surfing?

1247 days ago



ANOTHER headline about the WBC.

do you people at TMZ really not understand "DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS"?

if everyone ignored them they would go away.

you've just given the WBC even MORE free publicity.

1247 days ago


I really like Harvey and Charles together. And about TMZ I think it's a great "tableaux" on a funny office, that's really a good thing. That and all the juicy gossip.

1247 days ago


Harvey, Patty the maid is not the only one that Arnie was "getting busy" with in west los Angeles over the past 25 years. He is very well known from Santa Monica to the Marnia by many many women!

Arnie is more Tiger Woods then Mel Gibson any day!

1247 days ago


I find it insensitive how you go on and on about how hurtful it is for sports people to make negative gay slurs yet your entire team make fun of fat people all the time. Do fat people not have feelings? Or do fat people not deserve the same respect as other people on the planet?

1247 days ago


I find it insensitive how you go on and on about how hurtful it is for sports people to make negative gay slurs yet your entire team make fun of fat people all the time. Do fat people not have feelings? Or do fat people not deserve the same respect as other people on the planet?

1247 days ago


I don't go to church, but I do believe in God. I can't help but wonder just how God must feel to see people protesting such hate, in his name. Holding signs that say God hates you. It's people like them that keep people like me from going to church.

1247 days ago


The household help was by far NOT the only affair Arnold had during his marriage to Maria, the question Harvey asked
"can a decent person be seduced?" dose not apply when someone is a serial cheater.

1247 days ago
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