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NASCAR Stud Kyle Busch

Popped at 128 MPH

5/24/2011 3:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

NASCAR superstar Kyle Busch likes to go fast ... so say the cops who nailed the 26-year-old for going 128 miles per hour in a 45 MPH zone in North Carolina earlier today.

Busch -- who goes by the nickname "Wild Thing" -- was cited for careless and reckless driving and speeding.  Busch was caught tearing through a street near Troutman, N.C. in a yellow Lexus LFA sports car. 

According to cops, Busch was targeted by a special unit called the "Aggressive Criminal Enforcement Team" of the Iredell County Sheriff's Dept.

If convicted, Busch can lose his license for up to a year and face $1,000 in fines.

FAST FACT: NASCAR drivers do not need a valid driver's license ... only a NASCAR license.  So, Kyle -- currently 3rd in Sprint Cup points -- is not in jeopardy of getting yanked out of his #18 ride.

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1247 days ago


Throw his butt in jail!!!

1247 days ago

They are crayz!!    

"Rowdy" Bush is not a stud - he is a complete waste of space.

1247 days ago


Majestik 7 minutes ago

Best line in Nascar, Evah!!

Tony Stewart commenting on Kyle Busch after being wrecked by Busch "They name streets after guy's like him, one way and dead end!!!"
Lol, love that! Smoke's my man! The 18 probably forgot where he was, thinking he was still at the track. My all-time favorite driver comment was by Sterling Marlin, after getting wrecked by Biffle. He called him a "bug-eyed dummy".

1247 days ago


@Majestik...A "hack"? Uh, whatever! You clearly don't know sh*t about NASCAR!

1247 days ago

Get back to work!    

Total douche on and off the track.

Clint Bowyer FTW

1247 days ago


I think it's funny, if he didn't have Toyota as a sponser, he wouldn't be able to have that car.
Yes drivers HAVE TO drive cars/trucks that are part of their car sponser brands...
That is why Tony Stewart left Joe Gibbs Racing...

1247 days ago

Get back to work!    

STUD?!? Pfffft. Maybe the 2x4 kind that you buy at HOME DEPOT or LOWE'S.

1247 days ago

Kid Pawley    

Dear Lord! Guys, I lived in Troutman, NC for 4 years and it is a rural town - yes, there are farming areas where there are stretches of road . . . however, there is NO ROAD in Iredell County that is desolate enough to drive 128mph without the danger of some old farmer or old lady trying to back out of their driveway!!! $1,000 fine??? Really?? A normal person doing that in NC is automatically arrested and taken to jail! Too bad he didn't at least hit a cow and have PETA on his ass!! F-ing sports celebrities.

1247 days ago


Wouldn't most NORMAL average citizens be arrested if they were going 125 mph in a 45 mph zone? I think so!! What's so special about Kyle Busch that allows him to get away with this? Think I will call the local police chief and ask.

1247 days ago


I was wondering the same thing, West1960.... I know where I live, if I was going at least 30 over the posted speed limit I would be arreste.jailed, have to go to court, pay hefty fines and possibly have my license suspended. All things that SHOULD happen to people who knowingly put other people's lives in danger. It sucks that just because you're a "celebrity" and/or have money you can get away with whatever you want.

I don't have a problem with people who want to drive fast, but keep it on the race track where it belongs.

1247 days ago


What a jerk! He gets to do what he loves for a living, but that's not enough for his big ego..he has to endanger innocent people with his bad immature behavior! He should be fined and lose his license for a while

1247 days ago


Oh get over it people!
You seriously saying at least half of you haven't driven over the speed limit, ever???
There isn't some less traveled road in your town you haven't gotten up to 100mph or more on?

I am not saying it was right and thankfully no one was hurt.
Seriously though, some of you need to chill!!

1247 days ago


Yes he was an idiot.

Yes he could have killed somebody.

Yes he was an idiot...oh wait...already said that.

But NASCAR "stud"?? I think I just threw up in my mouth

1247 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

Now how sweet would that have been if this imbecile broad-sided a family and killed all of them!! I don't know him but he sounds like a real punk.

1247 days ago
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