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Kyle Busch on Speeding Bust -- 'I Got Carried Away'

5/24/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kyle Busch just issued a sort-of apology for his 128 mph speeding ticket -- chalking up his ridiculous speed to a test drive gone wrong, and the blatantly obvious ... "I got carried away." 


In his statement Busch says , "I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went  beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment."

The NASCAR bad boy was driving a Lexus LFA when cops in Troutman, NC pulled him over today ... doing 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. BTW ... the LFA packs about 552 horses!

Busch added, "I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again."

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I am Spartacus    

Kyle Busch is the biggest douchebag. Every other Nascar driver hates him because of what an ahole he is except possibly his brother.

1215 days ago


You've gotta be kidding me!! Talk about preferential treatment. Any other citizen would have been arrested on the spot and their license revoked.

1215 days ago


Charge him with reckless driving and take his license away.

1215 days ago


Not sure why all of you are so mean. Hate the guy or love him, you all have so much hatred in your hearts and mind, i certainly understand why the world is so effing miserable.

I have no idea why he had to issue a public apology for a effing speeding ticket, this **** happens every day.

Yall are blowing this **** way out proportion. Sorry to the lady you said he might have killed your husband...glad that dude wasnt in the street at the time.


1215 days ago


I can almost guarantee that there was NOTHING in the North Carolina automotive police arsenal capable of pulling over a driver of Kyle Busch's NASCAR proficiency driving 128 mph in a Lexus LFA; not an ancient Ford police barge or a new police Dodge Charger. He most probably pulled over voluntarily.

1215 days ago


Reports say there was 3 incidents but Kyle got the shaft. there was a car in front of it but was going much faster and cops couldnt keep up to it. They think it had a 88 on one of the doors. The 3rd car was pulled over 5 min after Kyle was on the side of the road for DUI going 15mph in the 45 mph zone but they found out the driver wasnt drunk...It was just Tony Steward and the car couldnt go any faster with all that weight in it. He was released on site.

1215 days ago



1215 days ago


128MPH on a 45MPH road is beyond simple speeding. It's blatant disregard for the safety of anyone else on that road. Do you realize how fast that is? It would have been absolutely terrifying to other drivers on that road, anyone walking alongside the road or stalled at the side. What a selfish a.s.s. I guess he felt like the rules of the road are just for us non-race car drivers and he's special. The guy should do a few days in jail for that.

1215 days ago


Idiot, he could've killed someone......By the way, who was the chic in the car with him, didn't he just get married? Hmmmmm

1215 days ago


Why couldnt he just take the car to a test track?

1215 days ago


If you need to test it out so bad just go to a race track. I'm pretty sure he has ready access to them.

1215 days ago

Big Jim Slade    

Hey kyle why were you in such a hurry? Anyway find out if the police were using the Decateur radar unit you could get off. Apparently they never bothered to get it approved for industrial use in North America, they always argued that police were exempt. Well since ISO9002 standards were adopted, not so much. Check it out at ticketcombat.com

1215 days ago


If you like him thats on you . I think he is a spoiled little jerk who like most famous folks think, they are above the law. I dont care what he does on a track this was a public road
he was almost double if not triple the speed limit. What if your family was driving on this same road and he hit them. He is a bad role model and a bad human being.

1215 days ago


*******. You have to know that this dip**** has done this before and just hasn't been caught before now. I just think about mom's with their babies in the car, people walking, etc. People don't typically survive being hit at 130 mph. Would it have been worth it to him?

1215 days ago


More proof that Lexus drivers are selfish iceholes.

1215 days ago
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