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Maria Shriver -- Divorce On!

5/26/2011 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver met with her divorce lawyer today in Beverly Hills and all systems are go to end her marriage to Arnold Schwarzenegger ... TMZ has learned.


Shriver met with attorney Laura Wasser at the swanky Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills -- where Shriver is staying -- for a morning meeting.

Meanwhile, we're told Schwarzenegger has met with another high-powered Bev Hills divorce lawyer of his own, Bob Kaufman.  Although we do not know if Arnold has formally retained Kaufman.

As TMZ first reported, Shriver has been meeting with her financial person for several months now trying to sort out money issues before filing the divorce petition.

It's a little tricky, because the money guy works for both Maria and Arnold and is very close to both of them.

A Wasser/Kaufman combo is significant, because both have worked on other high profile cases and have figured out how to handle these situations in a discreet, semi-private manner. 

Although no divorce petition has been filed -- were told it's just a matter of time.

UPDATE, July 1, 2011: Maria Shriver filed for divorce against Arnold...



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Can't really blame Arnold...she is FUGLY!

1244 days ago


Haha Mildred's Ex Husband- called her a snake!

1244 days ago

Mike Sarasota    

Why does everyone feel Arnold is going to be cleaned out....??? He has a right to her kennedy fortune every single bit as she does to his earnings...

1244 days ago

payam nassirpour    

Not only she should divorce she should beat him up.

1244 days ago


Go Maria! Glad she finally found the courage to pull the trigger.

1244 days ago

who dat    

I'm laughing, this is gonna cost Arnold around 200 Million. A prime example of why you never marry them.

1244 days ago


Rocco less than a minute ago

It's a good thing Arnold had his ugly wife sign a prenup. She'll have to go on welfare after the divorce. You are my hero Arnold.



Maria Shriver's mother was a Kennedy. Their family is considered to be "American Royalty". Maria may not be as wealthy as Arnold but she was a well established journalist before they married and her family's "connections" run very deep!!! This woman is fully capable of supporting "HERSELF" and her children. From all accounts, Arnold's "no pauper" and it's time for him to "PAY THE PIPER"!!! RESISTANCE IS FUTILE!!!

1244 days ago


Wasser is a bad-ass attorney. Arnold is gonna pay big for his loose penis.

1244 days ago


Great comment from someone on Radar regarding Mildred the hobag:

What kind of sociopath stands like that with the woman who's husband she's banging. No class, nor morals. Just your garden variety slut.

1244 days ago


Rocco you IDIOT Maria's father insisted on the Prenup because SHE WAS THE ONE WITH THE MONEY when they married.

She cleaned up that muscle head polished turd and gave him some panache.

Anyway after 25 years that prenup is invalid. No one will hold it up.

1244 days ago


Maria was a beautiful young woman when she married this piece of Austrian crap - Radar has some great pictures of her - She raised 4 children in this marriage and solidly supported this worthless, back-stabbing creep.
The "sperminator" is nothing but human garbage - a liar, a cheat and a disgusting thing that lives under a rock IMO. He's destroyed his whole family - not on a fling - not as a mistake but as a deep wound that will never heal - Castration would be too kind for him -
As for the maid she is the lowest, two-faced, conniving, deceitful and despicable of creatures - Ugly inside and out - vermin - stealing the fabric of their unity from the family that supported her. She was a cancer to this family and deserves to rot from the inside out, may she die from a thousand wasp stings!

1244 days ago


Get a Forensic accountant and take his ass to the cleaners. Oh, wait he kind of like to get it on with the cleaners so..........

1244 days ago


You would think this was the first marriage where a man cheated and fathered a child outside his marriage.

How many of you have known a male or female who has cheated on their spouse? OR boyfriend/girlfriend? How many of you have been cheated on? How many of you have cheated on someone else?

I wonder how many children are out there who's daddies aren't their daddies, at least not the ones they think?

I think if the truth were really known, and American people would just fess up, the numbers would be greater than the 17% the statistics say.

What gets me is the ones who cast the biggest stones, boulders really, when they themselves are no saints.

1244 days ago


Are you really that clueless, Lilac?

This has very little to do with a simple affair and a bast*rd child. What has people outraged is the longevity of the relationship and the fact that the f*cktard maid pretended to be a good employee and friend of the family while she was banging the sperminator in Maria's bed. That takes someone with a spectacularly low sense of decency to do that.

1244 days ago


I hear Maria is entitled to any money Arnold has given to his mistresses in addition to half of the net worth. If that is true...oh boy. Those were some costly mistakes on Arnold's part. I imagine he is in Idaho now thinking..."what have I done?"

1244 days ago
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