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Macho Man -- Gun Recovered At Crash Scene

5/26/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Randy "Macho Man" Savage was in possession of a high-powered handgun when he crashed in Florida last week ... but TMZ has learned Savage had an active permit to carry the weapon.


TMZ spoke with Randy's brother, Lanny Poffo, who tells us the gun was properly registered and legit.

Lanny says Randy had recently gotten into the hobby of target shooting -- and was a pretty damn good shot.

Lanny says Randy and his wife were so passionate about the hobby -- he wasn't surprised about the discovery of the gun because the couple went shooting together all the time.

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No Avatar


RIP Macho Man! <3

1245 days ago


What?How is this even relevant?A guy possibly had a heart attack that led to him wrecking his vehicle and dying.What possible reason does there need to be an article about a gun that's registered and probably has absolutely nothing to do with it?

1245 days ago


In Florida, handguns are NOT registered. It is not illegal to have a handgun in your car, without a permit. This article is not relavent to to the death. It is trying to make something out of nothing. It would be like saying, "Randy Savage dies in car accident, he was not wearing a helmet" or "A tobacco cigerette was found at the scene". NONE of these statements have anything to do with the story. Yellow journalism at its cheapest.

1245 days ago


Soooooo in other words, its a slow night and we need to throw something up here on TMZ. Come on!

1245 days ago


Ooooooh yeah, Kill them animals with the gun!!

Macho Man randy Savage for life, DIG IT!

1245 days ago


How stupid to mention this. Some people have guns, so what. It would be like saying, "He drank bottled water, bottle found in wreckage".

1245 days ago

No comment    

What is the point of this article? If he was legally carry then this isn't a story. Unless, dun dun dun da, his wife shot him and the corner could is covering up a homicide. Or, dun dun dun da, he killed himself.

1245 days ago


This is not a story.

1245 days ago


Not including the two guns he had on his person.

1245 days ago


So if it was perfectly legal then what was the point of even reporting it other then to try and slander the memory of a dead man? TMZ is quickly becoming nothing more the "trash magazines you see at the checkout counter" of the internet world.

How much time have they spent trashing the woman that Arnold knocked up?

Get back to reporting celebrity news that is relevent.

Really sad that they would do this. Randy was a good man who never had "scandals" and was known for being one of the kindest, most helpful, people in the wrestling entertainment world.

1245 days ago


So basically TMZ, this isn't a story at all, right. A handgun that was totally legal.. had nothing to do with anything... and you posted about it.


1245 days ago


"High Powered" Hand Gun......LMAO....I knew TMZ was liberal but this takes the cake. WTH is a "Low Powered" hand gun???? I know you liberals are against the Constitution and the GUARANTEED RIGHT to own guns but come on...this is pretty pathetic.

R.I.P. Macho

1245 days ago


This is typical of the left-wing slant on a story. You make it sound like he was gearing up for a terrorist attack.

What do you consider a high powered pistol anyway? I have 6 guns, all legal, all registered. I use them for target shooting and for personal protection as is my constitutional right.

I'll go so far as to suggest that this story be deleted as inflammatory and irrelevant.

1245 days ago


So what! Do you have something against guns? Maybe you should have something against the thugs and criminals who use guns for crimes. Guns don't fire on their own. Typical media stupidity and ignorance.

1245 days ago


A high-powered handgun? TMZ, you are ridiculous. This isn't even a story, you're just reaching and it's a bit pathetic.

1245 days ago
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