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Justin & Selena -- The Maui Make-Out Sessions

5/27/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez didn't let jet skiing or parasailing get in the way of their very public displays of face sucking in Hawaii this week.


Justin got frisky grabbing Selena's ass and kissing her every chance he got while on vacation in Maui.

They've come a long way since their first public peck at the Billboard Music Awards just this past Sunday.


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I think Selena Gomez is pretty. but isnt she like 18 19!? Uhmmm I think that is illegal... but Justin Bieber is SOOOOOO SEXY! HAHA I LOVE HIM!!!!!

1210 days ago


makeupgurlee Where do you all live where 17 is underage? Unless you're misinformed,17 is legal in many states. At any rate, he is Canadian so he can already drink in may places there. You all really should back off, it isn't anything most of you weren't doing at that age. Check your own kids, because if they're at or close to that age, they're doing the same thing, they just don't have a telephoto lens prying into their private lives. Besides, if you all are looking at these two to be your child or tween's role model, that's your bad, go be a role model to your own kids instead of parking them in front of the television or hooking them up to their iPods so that they aren't bothering you. Yeah, I said it!
---------------------------------------------------------------- you are soooo right! you tmz people are such idiots and you people commenting how they are illegal and **** are really pathetic cause theres no doupt that you guys did worse at this age and your kids are more or likley doing the same thing,so instead of saying these guys are bad influences why don't you start being your kids main influence and role models instead of letting them look up to other people and judge the other people for what there doing with their lives cause if you guys think you can do better than why don't ya?!

1209 days ago

leticia ferrera de oliveira     

ai eu acho fofo a selena e o justin bieber
só que eu acho o justin muita areia pro caminhãozinho da selena
* * eu te amo justin * *

1209 days ago


he should not have his hand on that sleze slut!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is still just a little boy soon we will get married and not them!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 ;)

1203 days ago


Big deal ..teenagers have sex and grab each other all the time like this just happens that they are famous and that's what makes it more shocking and innapropriate.

1202 days ago


wow!! shocking i looked up to justin and selena justin grabbed her butt thats nasty to me and i dont know wat is goin throught ones head anymore

1201 days ago


c'mon guys. they're 17/18. OF COURSE THEY'RE GONNA WANNA SUCK FACE. if they really wanna it shouldnt be a big deal.
you shouldn't be yelling at them for pda. you should be yelling at the papz for showing their lovin' off to the world.

1199 days ago

Unusual Suspect    

The people likening this to child porn, or saying that there's something wrong with what these two young adults are doing, make me concerned for society.

1194 days ago

cecilia rodriguez    

he is touchin her ********!!!! LMFAO they must be having sex!!!!

1194 days ago

That one guy    

Hottest leasbian couple out there hands down.

1190 days ago


I don't see a problem with it. And I'm no fan of either one. The problem, if there is one, is that they live in an artificial world with no privacy. That's a sure sign they'll turn out weird and have problems later in life.

1185 days ago



1175 days ago


this is so disgusting.
bieber and selena should do that @ home, not in the beach!!!!

1169 days ago


hey kk stop talking smack about these two. JEEZ you guys are rude.! they are obviously in luv! i bet a whole lot of you jerks have dating more disgusting people in your whole life! so suck it up! oh wait?

1130 days ago
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