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Justin & Selena -- The Maui Make-Out Sessions

5/27/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Teen lovers Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez didn't let jet skiing or parasailing get in the way of their very public displays of face sucking in Hawaii this week.


Justin got frisky grabbing Selena's ass and kissing her every chance he got while on vacation in Maui.

They've come a long way since their first public peck at the Billboard Music Awards just this past Sunday.


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The kid's fingers look like they're dissappearing into her a&&. Good for him! Praise be to Jesus!

1154 days ago


TOO YOUNG. Where are the parents ???????????

1154 days ago


I'm not a fan of those pictures of them, but w/ that said, even if it were Brad & Angelina I wouldn't be a fan. PDA isn't my thing. A kiss here and there and holding hands is enough for the public. Keep the rest in the bedroom. For those of you saying that it's illegal for them to be dating, you are incorrect. In most states a 18 yr. can date a 17 yr. old. Every place is different, some places allow a 2 yr. age gap, etc. As far as the parents not being around, Selena Gomez is considered an adult - so she doesn't need to have a parent w/ her. Also, since she's an adult, Justin most likely doesn't have a curfew in most places he'll go when he's w/ her.

1154 days ago


Reading these comments it's obvious we North Americans are pretty subjective and confused when it comes to age. And it's no wonder. "They're just kids", a lot of you are saying. Selena is old enough that she could have legally been doing nasty, explicit porn for almost a year. Bieber, in less than a year, could enlist without his parents consent, be shipped to the Middle East, and kill. But he'd have to wait another 3 years to legally have a drink to calm his nerves. It's not as if something magical happens when one turns 18, yet our laws would lead you to think otherwise.

1154 days ago


They make such a lovely lesbian couple.

1154 days ago

Sonya in Tx    

Selena is a good person to help Justin front like he's not gay.

1154 days ago


Worried about Selena; she should protect her heart. I don't think Justin Bieber is mature enough to enter into this heavy of a relationship. Some of his behaviors reveal a "too much, too soon" scenario, and I fear he will turn out NOT to be the person she thinks he is today.

1154 days ago


Where are the parents? They allowed their lesbians daughter to kiss like that! VULGAR!

1154 days ago

Jim in Cali    

these two are like the old Britney and Justin.

1154 days ago


Look at the things Lady Gaga said to Scottie on American Idol and how many kids watch that show. If I were Scottie's parents, I would have had a thing or say to her.

1154 days ago


This is Rock Hudson all over again! Another Ricky Martin in the making here! and they using this girl just for apparences only.

1154 days ago


and when someone asks selena about this (kissing booty grabbing)

that when she wants to get all oh nothing hiding her face with her hair covering her face and ****.......... i though she wanted a private with her "private life"

she say one thing and does another.


1154 days ago


rumors out here that they got married!

1154 days ago


You idiots realise that they are TEENAGERS right!? THIS IS NORMAL SO STFU! At least their not having sex, gawd freaking idiots.

1154 days ago


Disgusting pictures. They BOTH need to grow up and stop showing off. Selena must have ZERO class and self-respect to allow herself to be photographed while her boyfriend was grabbing her ass like some common whore, though. So much for her wholesome Disney image!

1154 days ago
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