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Lohan Settles Up with

2007 Car Chase Victim

5/27/2011 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is making progress with her laundry list of legal problems -- TMZ has learned, she finally struck a settlement with the woman who claims the actress terrorized her in a 2007 car chase.

2007 Car Victim

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress' car insurance company ultimately coughed up the dough for a financial settlement with Tracie Rice -- the woman who sued Lindsay back in 2008, claiming the infamous Santa Monica car chase was "one of the most frightening experiences of my life."

The lawsuit was dismissed on Wednesday.

As we previously reported, Lohan was busted for DUI during the incident ... after cops learned she was hammered when she commandeered someone else's car while three young guys were still seated inside. 

The three guys gave TMZ an unbelievable blow-by-blow soon after the incident (below) -- their lawsuit against the actress is still ongoing.


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the Seeker    

4 new stories today with 925 comments = winning

Gotti go, catch use guys l8tr

@Rogue warrior I hope your mission was successful +
@john smith seen Nicole lately ?

1247 days ago

LA Native    

Mikey would you quit talking to yourself? Enough already, give it a rest!

1247 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Well, yes, it probably was racist, because she was lying and accusing the African American man of something.

And, it was the safest, most intelligent thing to do. I wouldn't call anything about that night "easy," Ms. Lohan broke an incredible amount of laws that evening, committed more than one felony offense, but still got a slap on the wrist.

Your posts smell more than a bit of "blaming the victims."

1247 days ago

Seal Team 6    

Eating crow??? Because she settled a lawsuit? Bizarro World.

1247 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

they must have some major judges on their sides for this very blatant attempt, even takin straight to the face of the media, to try and pull off such a degree of extortion. OF A MAIN PAGE CELEBRITY!! must be LAPD ALLLLLL!! in on backing this kind of violent public trash, trying to extort millions, hundreds of millions from rich celebrities and wealthy families in the hollywood area. crazy that a 'judicial system' operates on the same level with these loser freaks. that the loser freaks are the executionaries of this 'judicial' system.

1247 days ago

john smith    

Have a nice holiday weekend Lindsay. Seeker I don't talk to Nicole and haven't seen her post in a while.

1247 days ago


You come on here and suggest you forcibly take the wheel from a drunk, coked-out fiend with pedal to the metal? By the time those kids could react and say, "What are you DOING?" she was already doing 90 circling Eleanor's car on the PCH.

I suggest you try that action someday. Good luck to you.

To the Blohans blaming the victim(s) again? We know that's your MO, right before Lindsay is found guilty or negligent or has to settle the latest wrongdoing. I honestly hope that you are a victim some day soon, so I can read you posting on here how it's YOUR FAULT. LOL - The Lying Lohans, true to form!

1247 days ago


WOW!!...Lindsay...You know how to make money from media. Btw if u get bored. You can always uses Celeb cam sites....lmao

1247 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

They probably took the settlement because the insurance company had more money to offer than Ms. Lohan.

It's about time her victims received some form of restitution.

1247 days ago

Ghost Rider    

Pauly Shore and Lindsay need to hook up, and make movies nobody will watch. They would be perfect for each other imo.

1247 days ago


Lol...there the idiots go again once again taking the actual facts of that night and switching them around to make Lindsay look innocent again. Good grief people! She STOLE THIS VEHICLE, was coked out and crazy, driving too fast, irratic and CHASING HER ASSISTANT WHO WANTED TO QUIT??? How in the heck is there anything about this that you can spin to her defense?? Why do you think they finally SETTLED? If this actually went to court, she would once again be facing some serious crap. I remember watching this interview with those guys that day and there was no way they were going to be STUPID ENOUGH to try and grab the wheel while she was driving like that. Straight up: THEY WERE SCARED. Who gives a crap how big this stupid beyotch is or how much she wieghs. When someone is running on drugs and adrenaline, they are unpredictable and DANGEROUS. She deserves to pay ALL of them a million bucks each for the ****e she put them through. Mark my words, if this beyotch does not clean up FOR REAL she will kill someone with her reckless and irresponsible behaviour. And for those who spend their entire day commenting here and fighting with everyone over this stupid need to get a life. Lindsay doesn't care what anyone thinks, that much is obvious. To constantly defend someone who so willingly gives up on herself if just ridiculous. I will put my time and effort into those who are productive in society and not waste my tax payer money on constant in and out trips to f'n jail. You do realize that MOST people NEVER have to go to jail right? Personal responsibility is what most people have. This woman will NEVER get any of my money again.

1247 days ago


Only Michael Lohan would see Lindsay paying out big bucks to a victim as "WINNING"

Michael Lohan who flushed his own daughter's career down the toilet after she dumped it in the bowl

1247 days ago


And this is just day two.

1247 days ago


"4 new stories today with 925 comments = winning"

Only Daddy Mikey Lohan would see 925 comments laughing at and ridiculing his daughter and his family as "winning."

1247 days ago

Ghost Rider    

If Lindsay and Pauly Shore ever had any kids together I wonder what they would name them? I wonder what they would look like? Would anyone care?

1247 days ago
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