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NFL Legend Warrick Dunn -- I'm No Gun Runner!

5/27/2011 11:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Former Atlanta Falcons running back Warrick Dunn says he feels "violated" -- after cops pulled him over outside ATL and told him he had the characteristics of someone "transporting drugs and guns."


36-year-old Dunn says cops told him they pulled him over because his tinted windows were "too dark" ... but Dunn insinuates he was racially profiled.

During the stop, Dunn -- who is black -- says 4 white officers targeted him with "a lot of personal questions" and told him "I had the characteristics of people transporting drugs & guns."

Dunn says the cops searched his car and gave him a warning for the tint.

After the incident, the 3-time Pro Bowler went to his Facebook page and said, "Felt violated and I've had my car since '08, nvr been pulled ovr for tint. Taken back bc I think the reasoning was bad. Ruined my day but not my spirit."

UPDATE: Dunn's rep tells us Warrick was frustrated after the incident -- and after cops explained that he was traveling through a high-crime area ... he understood the officers were just trying to do their job.

Warrick, through his rep, tells TMZ ... "As the son of a hard working police officer, I understand the stress that police officers are under."

Dunn adds, "The real lesson in all this is that Twitter is a powerful tool but what happened to me is the same thing that  happens to a lot of people every day. I’ll take care of it through the appropriate channels just like everyone else has to."

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hey warrick, u sucked as a football player & u suck now as a normal citizen.

i'm glad u were pulled over & u better have that tint fixed or, you'll be pulled over again.

1211 days ago



1211 days ago


Sounds to me like Dunn might want to have the windows retinted a little lighter color. I personally don't think having his skin bleached would have helped in this case.

1211 days ago


Another athlete who feels that he is "entitled" and "above the law". Earth to Warrick Dunn: You have to obey laws just as the rest of us do. When they police pull you over you are supposed to do as they say -- not complain and fight them.

1211 days ago


It happens more to blacks than any race. Sometimes a black person can be watched-spied on- for days before they are even stopped.

1211 days ago


The window tint laws in Georgia(I live in Georgia myself) are ridiculous. Law enforcement is allowed to tint their own windows as dark as they wish, but they attack citizens that do the same. How is that right? Even if your window tint is within the legal limits(32% of sunlight must penetrate the tint), you can still be pulled over, due to how the law is written.

As far as the gun and drug runner comment, that was out of line. I drive a Jeep with darkly tinted windows. I carry firearms(actually, quite a few), but that does not mean that I am running guns for criminal use, nor that I am doing anything expressly illegal.

This simply sounds like a fishing expedition on the law enforcement's part. While Mr. Dunn did not need to play the "race card", I do understand his frustration. He should have refused the officer(s) request to search his vehicle, but I bet he voluntarily complied. If that is the case, then he has no right to complain.

As an ex-law enforcement officer myself, I tend to shed a tear when I see what law enforcement as devolved into. While it was about serving the public, when I was serving, it seems to have turned into an extortion racket and enslaving mechanism of the state.

1211 days ago


He looks like D-Wade!

1211 days ago


I was stopped and frisked by 3 cops in texas while walking to jack in the box. I had to answer a ton of questions and they took out the contents of my wallet and threw it on the ground. get this, I get stopped by 2 more cops on my way back. this time, this white cop says, "you look like a car thief". this ******* ranned my license and questioned me about a dui I had a year and a half ago. Im walking home, not driving. 5 cops just for going to jack in the box. I know it was racial profiling because the cops didnt bother the white people coming out the bar. not all cops are bad, but I wish white folks would stop pretending as if prejudice cops dont exist.

1211 days ago


^^^my sentiments exactly.

1211 days ago

People R So Callous    

I don't understand how callous. The questioned asked of this man. U people need to read up. His mother was a police officer, who was killed in the line of duty. When he was in high school. This guy has been an outstanding human being sense he was a kid. Your hate ooozess rascism and the sad thing is most of you, don't even realize it or don't care.

1211 days ago


If his windows were dark they didnt know he was black to begin with ... THIS IS Such BS.. I have had all my vehicles illegally tinted. I get pulled over and have gotten many tickets for it.. and yes I am white. Would have been nice if I would get a dam warning... C'mon man this is a buncha crap. The tint is illegal if you get pulled over for it man up. The tickets or the attention to your vehicle comes with the territtory. I am guessing its tinted that way because he wants his ride to stand out and attract attention. GET OVER IT!

1211 days ago


Simone, apparently you don't know Dunn's story. He is the son of a single mom who was a police officer in Baton Rouge. One night, working a side job, the officer was killed in a robbery, leaving Dunn and his young siblings without a mother. After he entered the NFL, he started a program where he provides the down payment for homes for deserving single moms in Baton Rouge, and, while in Tampa he did it there. He is a soft spoken gentleman who brightens holidays for hundres. His mother would be proud of the caring man her son became. He totally is the opposite of a thug, someone who feels entitled. If you notice, he was driving a 2008 vehicle, a vehicle had never been pulled over for its tint.

1211 days ago


Warrick Dunn is one of the finest men to ever play collegiate and professional football. It is obvious that the majority of people posting here have no idea what he has done for lots of less fortunate people. He is the son of a police officer, mother, who was slain in the line of duty. If anyone has respect for law enforcement official and understand the danger they face day in and day out he most certainly does.

1211 days ago


Warrick Dunn is one of the nicest guys in the NFL. He is a good guy on the field and off. He gives his money and time to community service. I was sad to see him leave the Falcons.

1211 days ago


To all the white folks on here assuming he is playing a card or how can he be profiled if windows are tinted... Get ur head out of ur butt... The windows were just probable cause to stop the vehicle.. your white butt would probably get stopped too for that shockingly... Profiling begins with all the questioning assuming he is running guns and the illegal search of the vehicle... I thought you all were supposed to be so smart...oh wait a minute...thats profiling...

1211 days ago
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