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Arnold's Baby Mama

My Family Is Selling Me Out!

5/31/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama is fuming mad AT HER OWN FAMILY for selling pictures and stories about her to the tabloids ... this according to a direct family member. 

A relative of Mildred Patty Baena -- who has not made a cent off her and REFUSES to sell out -- tells TMZ ... Mildred is shocked and didn't expect her own family to make a cheap buck off this whole ordeal.

In addition to the money, we're told Mildred feels these family members are just telling flat-out lies. The relative we spoke to says Mildred is sure the main culprit is the ex-wife of a family member.

If you can't count on an ex-in-law to keep secrets about your illegitimate love child with the former Governor of California ... who can you count on?



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I hope they make any buck they can. She sure did over the years.

1250 days ago


She is just angry she didn't get her finders fee cut of the take.

Still laughing too hard.

1250 days ago


I feel bad for Maria and the 5 kids they are the innocent parties involved. As for Arnold...there is a lot more dirt that will prob. not get published. Remember if he was willing to run for gov. with out worry this story would come out he must of had a tight lid on his girls. Past, present and working on future. I want to see the time line. Did Maria confront the maid or did arnold tell Maria? Conflicting stories. His money will have a way of shutting everyone up unless Maria wants it out and releases it but she might not know all. This is a sick man who next will hide behind 'sex addict' going to rehab. LOL the joke is on the ones who beleave his bs. BTW warner bros. runs or owns tmz right and arnold made a lot of money for warner bros. so will be hear the whole story i hope so harvey is fair. Hope he is back from vaca. we missed you!!!!!

1250 days ago


This is typical of the "social class" of the woman Ahnold made his lover. She and her whole family come from a place in life like that. Is it any surprise? Is it news?

1250 days ago


Funny how a delusional backstabber can somehow become the victim, in her own distorted reality. Enough of this leech.

1250 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

OK$ makes a good point--it must be tough for Kim to get bounced from the headlines by this lady.

1250 days ago


Mildred, your family just wants you to learn your lesson and make a little money on the side. It's a win-win situation for them and I would do the same because you fail to see the error of your ways. You
blame all the negative attention on your race and your daughter must be a chip off the old block for defending your horrible behavior.

1250 days ago


Her family doesn't hold her in high regard.

1250 days ago


Her family is doing to her what she did to Maria -- that's karma.

1250 days ago


I just wonder why she needed advice on pregnancy and men from Maria. It isn't as if this was her first child. It sounds to me like she was trying to torture Maria. Even if Maria had no idea, she (Patty) knew exactly what she was doing. It is almost like she was laughing at Maria...Haha I got your man and i'm having his baby. I'm better than you...that sort of thing.

1250 days ago


Of course they are! They're getting 10 grand per photo! Not sure I wouldn't do that myself.

1250 days ago


Don't be a ho bag and you have no reason for your family to sale you out.

1250 days ago


Gosh, imagine being betrayed by a member of your own family. Like, I don't know, maybe your husband banging the maid. Shut up, Mildred.

1250 days ago


Fugly maid + sperm = trouble.. everytime..

1250 days ago


...and I LOVE IT. What loyalty does Mildred the cheating ho deserve from anyone. They are entitled to their piece of the piece of the pie too, lol.

she is s*** and totally deserves it IMO.

1250 days ago
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