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Arnold's Baby Mama

My Family Is Selling Me Out!

5/31/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama is fuming mad AT HER OWN FAMILY for selling pictures and stories about her to the tabloids ... this according to a direct family member. 

A relative of Mildred Patty Baena -- who has not made a cent off her and REFUSES to sell out -- tells TMZ ... Mildred is shocked and didn't expect her own family to make a cheap buck off this whole ordeal.

In addition to the money, we're told Mildred feels these family members are just telling flat-out lies. The relative we spoke to says Mildred is sure the main culprit is the ex-wife of a family member.

If you can't count on an ex-in-law to keep secrets about your illegitimate love child with the former Governor of California ... who can you count on?



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Web 3d    

In Vietnam, scandals like this on a lot.

1185 days ago


Lies huh. So she never was a slut and slept with Arnold? So she never had Arnold's kid? What a piece of work.

1185 days ago


If i ever woke up with THAT face next to me i would be on a bridge jumpin..i mean holy F$%k.. that would crack a desperate was the sperminator

1185 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

This ho is really something else. Otherworldy. Who the hell is she to complain about anything? If Maria isn't sending family to complain to TMZ this thing really has no place to be whining.

1185 days ago


She can go to hell! She deserves everything she gets. She's a *hore and if shes doesn't like it then she shouldn't have had sex with a married man. Everyone that does deserves it. Personally I think she should be hog tied and dragged behind a car. Maybe then she might learn that married people are off limits until they separate or are divoriced.

1185 days ago


You knowingly screwed a married man while you were married, you deserve to be sold out. Long ago you would have had to wear a big Scarlet A. In Iran I think you get stoned to death. You should be happy with a little cashing in on your being a whore.

1185 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

What did this woman think would happen when she chose to sleep with and have a child with a married famous man? I hope she gets all that she has coming to her, Karma has a way of making you pay your dues. I feel bad for all of the children involved in their stupid behavior.

1185 days ago


Your family will "always" sell you out when money is involved....

1185 days ago

carol clark    

look who is calling the kettle black!--------------it is ok for her to willingly do this to a family ----- what can you expect from this "group" of people. all in all though, two wrongs don't make a right.

1185 days ago


It's called KARMA BITCH!

1185 days ago


I meant her daughter is speaking on Mildreds behalf. Honestly, she should just keep her mouth shut like Arnold has. Her and her daughter. Pigs.

1185 days ago


Okay, I understand what Arnold and Patty did was wrong but why is Patty the only one being smeared?? She didn't get pregnant and have her son all by herself!! Why is Arnold not taking the same flack as this woman??
Noone knows what Arnold offered her to stay! Why do you think she made so much money for cleaning? I bet that offer was put on the table by Arnold so that he could keep her close so she wouldn't talk!!! There is more to this story than just Patty!!!!
We get it that Maria is a woman scorned!! She set this in motion! Why is she not attacking Arnold as well??
This is so wrong TMZ and it's time you stop just smearing Patty the maid because you feel she's lower class and deserves it! Arnold is no better!!! Shred him as well!
I am getting fed up with your one sided sh*t!!

1185 days ago


Ditto-STFU patty-You want 'anonymity'?? Don't f'k the terminator/guvna of Cali. Your son has YOU to thank now for everything he's going thru but THAT will no doubt be someone elses fault as well. Play around in Arnold's bed behind the wifey's back & you pay. You have reaped what you've sown ol'girl.

1185 days ago


TMZ....Kind of ironic story since you are the tabloids!

How much money has TMZ paid & made off this?

I know... this is who you are & this is what the tabloid business is all about.

Have to admit...this story is getting pretty damn boring.

Arnold is not the first or last to cheat.

1185 days ago


A lot pf people barely connected to this woman are going to try and cash in on this whole scene, and celebrity sites like this one, radaronline,and Perez Hilton are the ones that are fueling the fire.Arnold is going to end up losing a LOT of money at the end of it all.

1185 days ago
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