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Arnold's Baby Mama

My Family Is Selling Me Out!

5/31/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Arnold Schwarzenegger's baby mama is fuming mad AT HER OWN FAMILY for selling pictures and stories about her to the tabloids ... this according to a direct family member. 

A relative of Mildred Patty Baena -- who has not made a cent off her and REFUSES to sell out -- tells TMZ ... Mildred is shocked and didn't expect her own family to make a cheap buck off this whole ordeal.

In addition to the money, we're told Mildred feels these family members are just telling flat-out lies. The relative we spoke to says Mildred is sure the main culprit is the ex-wife of a family member.

If you can't count on an ex-in-law to keep secrets about your illegitimate love child with the former Governor of California ... who can you count on?



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joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    


1239 days ago


I'm tired of hearing about this clusterf*ck!

1239 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

Oh, and Go Away! Far, Far Away!!!!!

1239 days ago


Oh shut the f*ck up Patty, you f*cked your bosse's husband in her marital bed, gave birth to Arnold's son, had the decency to ask for pregnancy advice while pregnant the same time as Maria was pregnant, cheated on your own husband and broke his heart, never told your son about his real father for 13 years and ruined a Family!
Who the f*ck are you to get mad at someone for not being honest or acting like a good human being?!! Patty you Stupid C*nt!

1239 days ago


There was a famous episode of The Twilight Zone called "Eye of The Holder" and I swear this maid Arnold was banging (while she was dusting) looks just like one of the deformed pig faces of the doctors and nurses in that episode. Don't believe me? Check the image here:

1239 days ago


Well, she did not hide this on her own for oh sooooo many years. I feel bad for all parties involved.

1239 days ago


TMZ has published several stories from "family members" trashing the housekeeper. Isn't it time to name and shame them, and let us know how much you paid each of them for their stories?

1239 days ago


@janootz I agree and Arnold is responsible for destroying his family. Usually I don't ever get mad at the 3rd party, just the person that made the choice to cheat aka Arnold. However, this is a little different. This woman was working at their house and Maria sent her gifts for the baby and gave her advice. What Patty and Arnold did is despicable. I do agree that keeping a secret from her son was only because of Arnold and because he was in office. Still, this woman has a lot of nerve to get mad at someone for not acting right after what she did.
P.S. for any married people out there, if you don't like being married or don't love your husband/wife anymore do them and yourself a favor and get a divorce. It is much easier to deal with a divorce than this kind of humiliation or just cheating in general.

1239 days ago


Aka her daughter, the same yuck-yuck who says all the brouhaha is only because people are prejudiced against her mother for being Mexican. That's who I bet the source is..

And uh, anyone should feel free to tell any story they want. Who the hell are you to demand anyones loyalty Mildred? Who the Eff are YOU to whine about your hurt feelings? Your a homewrecker and just a vile soul and pretending you have done nothing wrong in this is absurd.

1239 days ago


LOL, is she 4real... Patty probably thought she was better then most of her family, remember she didnt care for the staff she worked with because they were hispanic. She obviously had more then them (as far as a better home & side perks).

Sell the stories & pay ur morgage...
Hell Arnold was paying yours Patty.

1239 days ago

joe G    

cheap buck for cheap lady...

1239 days ago


@fallenangel.. Yes I agree with you... Howeva she "she knew she was the other women. AND befriended Maria. Then Slept in her bed..

1239 days ago


Oh STUP!....I only feel sorry for the 5 kids who are involved in this scandal. You sold yourself respect by sleeping with a married man.

1239 days ago


Well let's not accuse her because of whatever race she may or may not be. If she is{was}whatever {race} Arnold and her had sex and created a chid. Who has been lied to for 10yrs. Along with Midreds husband. Whom I feel is the real victim...

1239 days ago


I am thankful for this story cause anything that will get the dirty Kardashians out of the media for a second is a gift for all of us!

1239 days ago
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