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Charlie Harper's

Exit From 'Men' --

Dee Plane!!!

6/3/2011 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Harper -- Charlie Sheen's character on "Two and a Half Men" -- will probably get a "French kiss off" from creator Chuck Lorre.  Worry not ... we'll explain.

During the last original episode that aired February 14, Harper and his stalker/neighbor Rose were headed for the airport to catch a flight to Paris.

Sources connected with the production tell TMZ ... it's likely Lorre will use the flight to rid the show of Charlie Harper once and for all.   And get this -- the flight was never intended to be a cliffhanger -- it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down.

Of course, the obvious scenario is a plane crash.  But our sources say that's not going to happen because producers are not going to make the other passengers sacrificial lambs -- even though they don't really exist.

As for what Lorre is planning ... we're told it's not in cement, but Charlie Harper could bid adieu to Malibu and say bonjour to Paris.


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angeleyes about an hour ago

@HeyNow - I appreciate your sentiments - We are speaking about the demise of a "character" in a sitcom - not Charlie himself - so don't get your knickers in a knot! The real life Charlie does have some challenges to face and the sooner he decides to face them the better for his future - As for Ashton - this is a great opportunity for him and IMO he is wise to jump at it - He's young and this give him more credits to his name -


No offence, but CHARLIE SHEEN is ALL that people have been talking about here for months, laughing at his problems and hoping for him to fail in his decision to give up drugs or even DIE of OD.

1237 days ago


Welcome in Paris,Charlie!That's the right place to be loved and estimeed,instead of a moribond serie.

1237 days ago


I'm sorry, but the only reason this show was good was because of CHARLIE SHEEN and Jane Lynch when she use to be on the show! Charlie is an outstanding actor and anyone who thinks Charlie didn't make this show clearly did not watch it! He pushed the boundaries with this show and the difference between Charlie/Ashton when it comes to this show is CHARLIE WAS HIMSELF PLAYING THE ROLE<. This is why ASHTON will not own the role. Ashton will have to PUSH himself to be the character and Charlie never had to do such a thing. The guy was genius! Seriously!

1237 days ago


Make it a charter flight with Charlie sitting in the back (he is the only passenger on board) - they had a water landing and the tail section disintegrated and only the flight crew made it out alive - Charlie drowned. Free advice for Mr. Lorre.

1237 days ago


Charlie was just a grumpy old man who was either sitting on the couch, or in bed showing his sagging skin with a girl half his age (those sceens were nauseating).
His charactor was repetitious, and not funny.

For all those who want Charlie Sheen, just follow his real pathetic life.

1237 days ago


Killing of a plainload of people does not make for a fun comedic episode now does it? Nothing to do with not sacrificing other people for Charlie...

And Rose will be able to fawn over Ashton's character just the same as she did over Charlie. Or maybe she will go for Alan instead!

1237 days ago


Kris aka Charlie

"it just happened that was the last episode shot before Charlie Sheen melted down. 'SUREEEEEEEEEEEEEE. LMAO!'"

Lay off the pipe, it's making you paranoid

1237 days ago


Charlie should end up in a foreign prison, everyone knows he belongs in one!

1237 days ago



I bet Lorre planted 7 gram rocks around Chuckles house so he would find them like easter eggs and end up in the hospital - yet again.

Man that guy can right scripts into peoples real lives, guess what he has next for Chuckles the Clown?

"I love to party

I have one gear, GO

My run makes Jagger and Richard look like armless droopy eyed children, I was bangin seven gram rocks, thats how I roll!

I'm frikken from Mars! Dude, cant handle it!"

Schmoyoo h0000000000

1237 days ago


Holly, shut the **** up. That kind of bull**** is making you look like an obsessed psycho.
How is that for an appropriate comment? ;)

1237 days ago


Its appropriate because Charlie blew his own gasket by his lonesome.

That you think Chuck knew, or planned on Charlie smoking off 30 pounds through crack dieting, well, you give him too much credit.

Charlie is Charlie's own worst enemy.

1237 days ago


Oh but I would agree - that "Tacky" bit was directed at Charlie!

LMAO Lorre is a genius!

1237 days ago


I have the perfect way to write Ashton Kutcher in...He comes in as Charlie Harpers son that nobody knew he had!! As stepbrothers, just imagine how much trouble him and his stepbrother Jake could get into....Charlies simple to write out. Just as in real life he could die of an OD, Liver failure, AIDS, etc. The plane crash thing would be better as the other three could really actually happen. Let me know if you need any help Chuck Lorre. This show should kill it.

1237 days ago

for real    

We have been watching Two and a Half Men for Years. We call it "Charlie". We love all of the other co stars but without Charlie's humor, we are not interested. They exist primarily as a co existance to his persona. They are awesome together. They are extremely talented. But without charlie, were not interested. NEWSFLASH - Charlie Harper, basically was Charlie Sheen. We love Charlie. NO offence to Ashton,,,,,,we want Charlie back with the old crew.

1237 days ago


for real

Your handle sounds like Antoine Dotson. for real.

Guess what? Charlie Harper got to write one of the scripts.

He fired himself.

He has bigger fish to fry errr, or not to fry.

He doesnt give a rip about your lame obsession over some dummass sitcom.

Go lock your self in a room and smoke some crack, its what Sheen would do.

1237 days ago
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