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Congressman Pic Raises Questions About Hacking

6/6/2011 11:10 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A new pic -- apparently showing the naked torso of Congressman Anthony Weiner -- has now surfaced, and it's looking like his claim that his Twitter account was hacked may be bogus.


This pic -- obtained by -- was allegedly sent on May 20 of this year to a woman from Weiner's Yahoo email address.

According to BigGov, Weiner apparently used the account to store many other personal photos of himself -- thus suggesting the shirtless photo is him.


Weinergate exploded last month after a Twitter pic was leaked, showing a man with a bulge in his underwear.  Weiner has hedged, saying he can't say for sure it's him, but claims he never sent the pic to anyone and his account was hacked.


rollingpaperzandbush rollingpaperz&bush

Don't let your congressional probe hit the debt ceiling on the way out.

paul a paul a.

I see it now....

"...I hereby step down to spend more time with my family....."

bunny bunny

If it was smaller, he would deny it's him. That's quite impressive.


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OMG, SO laughing here!! The crotch shot is his ARM in his undies, NOT his c**k. TOO FUNNY!!!

1171 days ago

Sherry Z    

Ok what pisses me off the most is the fact that he has family pictures in the background of his picture. S***bag.

1171 days ago


I'd say he should join a nudist colony - there everyone walks around naked and he'd soon see his package is nothing special and he'd get over his juvenile fixation of showing it to strangers online.

1170 days ago


well looks like another" SMART PERSON"doing incredibly stupid things........are there no end to the things these politicians will do?And on a social media website?WOW whay a bunch of DUMBASSES

1170 days ago


Damm kardashian would swallow that right up!!!!!

1170 days ago

Jack B    

I don't care what part of his body he shows. That's between he and his wife, however he is a congressman and is showing amazing stupidity. Any 12 year old knows not to send naked pics across the internet. I'm glad that idiot doesn't represent Texas.

1170 days ago


If they get divorce, he won't have a hard time finding date.
That's an impressive piece of wiener, er...wiener? Anyway, he should have stayed single and just hook up with any woman he liked. Now he's done for. Too bad, I though he was good representative.

1169 days ago


OK I admit it, its a nice one. There I said it.

1169 days ago



1168 days ago

gordy cox    

seriously politiicans have sex aswell!

whats the problem. people should be alllowed to have pleasure away from business even in politics!

whats perverted about trying to get laid ?

dont we all try to get laid?

1168 days ago


with a bulge like that he needs to find a good street corner and set
up business....make a zillion!!!

1167 days ago


What a bunch of stupid comments. The guy made a big mistake, let his wife tke care of it! Good grief, I bet more than one you guys have done something similar or worse. Get busy and stop just "fixing the world"

1164 days ago


Mr. Ex-Congressman. If your wife kicked you out and you are up to it? Come to me! I know exactly how to take care of you! Name it! With your looks and your tool!! Woooow!!!! Come home daddy!!!

1164 days ago


Tellthetruth59 How long have you been eating ****?; because you sure have not been eatinf french bread.

1159 days ago
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