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'19 Kids and Counting' Fam -- Emergency Pit Stop

6/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Traveling across the country with 19 kids SUCKS -- especially when the bus springs an oil leak ... and that's exactly what happened to the fam on TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" last week.

The Duggar family -- all 21 members -- were en route from their home in Tontitown, AR to NYC to appear on the "Today" show ... when daddy Jim Bob noticed oil leaking from their massive tour bus.

Jim Bob wanted to fix the problem ASAP -- so he drove towards the closest bus repair shop ... which happened to be in the small town of Loudonville, Ohio ... population 2,982.

We're told Jim Bob wanted to make sure the family was comfortable during the stop -- so he rented out a couple of rooms at a nearby hotel so they could beat the heat ... and then treated the kids to a gigantic pizza lunch.

4 hours later ... the bus was back in action -- and the family completed their trip to The Big Apple without any other complications.


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Agree w/ everything Ginger said! Totally.face it,there is not enought time in a DAY and then some to personally interact w/ EACH one of the kids!!! No way in hell.Yes they do seem like very nice and open and sweet ppl.But thats Moms thinking is not rational on the whole having the 19 kids and MORE issue.Ginger said it exactly how i think it-the whole willinness to ,WILLINGNESS mind you to DIE and very possibly have the next Fetus die allllll for a ANOTHER Pregnancy!!!!!!!!!!! If she don't know YET that she WILL get Pre Eclampsia AGAIN and more then likely drop dead next time time then this braod needs head head examined is what she needs STAT! I'm wondering if deep down lot of it is the ATTENTION and doting and so on from the pregnancies ect....And why don't she STOP and think about al those older and even some younger ones that are raising HER babies!?!?!?!? its truly not fair and yes the girls do it w/ a smile,,,,but why wouldn;t they? They know NOTHING else ect.Mark my words one or more of those Duggar kids will actually get OUT there and see some of the things they been missing and they will walk-or go crazy aka Rebel/And i sure as hell could never blame them.This wearing them {Sorry} ugly as sin} LONG heavy DENIM skirts in 95 degree temps and to SWIM in HEAD TO TOE bc god forbid someone see a leg or and arm! And believe me I am NOT a chick who shows MY Lady Bits but you CAN and SHOULD dress so that you do not pass out from Heat Stroke ect ect etc and what? WHAT is so damned horrid god awful and SINFULL about colors other then BROWN,BLACK,WHITE/BLUE??!?!??!?!?!??!?!!? Thats all they ALL wear.Seemingly very nice ppl but ohh soooooo Queer.

1234 days ago


AK=Alaska, not Arkansas.

1234 days ago


themare 4 hours ago
Quit the name calling, Toker. It's too early for that to start.
hey your right.... sorry

1234 days ago


ilovegossip about an hour ago @teamnadya,

Except for the SSI disability payments she receives for 3 of her kids. THAT is gov't assistance, whether you want to believe it or not.

I'll believe that when you show me proof, which you or anyone else posting haven't been able to do since 2009. Have a nice day :)

1234 days ago


mildly insane 40 minutes ago
And your family is perfect?

This isn't about my family, it's about the Duggars. A poster Dons asked a question and I gave him an answer to the best of my knowledge from what I've witnessed on the episodes of the Duggars that I've saw on YT. Now if you don't like those answers, TUFF!

1234 days ago

And thats the truth    

The Duggars were here in California visiting Disneyland. They visited a family that lives near Disneyland that has 14 children and it was on the news. The Mother of the 14 kids said that the Duggar children were the most well behaved children that she have ever seen.

themare is correct. They do not take welfare for their kids like Octomom does. The monies that they get from the show is well spent on the kids and not plastic surgery for Mom. They pay their taxes so WHO CARES if they have 19 kids. They are not hurting anyone.

I will bet that those 19 children have more manners then most of your kids do and the ones that do have kids that are posting, probably only have about one or two kids.

Back in the day, having large families were the norm. Look at the Osmonds and the Jacksons. The birth control pill was invented in the late 1950's but was not used for birth control until the early 60's. Before that there was not too much to choose from. My aunt has 9 kids, the youngest one being 50.

When I was a kid in the early 60's houses were $5000.00. My parents paid $50.00 a month for their mortgage. One of the main reasons people do not have more kids now is because of the cost of housing ect.

Yes 19 kids is a little extreme, but they are well taken care of and there is no shortage of love in that family. All you have to do is view one episode to see that. All of the kids pitch in and help each other with chores ect. I will bet that I can not say the same about some of your households.

Life is way too short to spend time hating people that you do not know.

1234 days ago


For gosh sake, leave your 'breeding like rabbits' comments alone. The ones who say that probably are getting some sort of social welfare. These people aren't. It's not my style but they do what the preach and they are contributing citizens of this world. They provide for themselves and seem truly happy. Good for them.

1234 days ago



I've already given you proof... over and over, but here is the proof once again. This is dated 2/9/2009:

Furtney said Suleman did not want to disclose the nature of her children's disabilities or the nature of those payments.

"In her view these are just payments made for people with legitimate needs and are not, in her view, welfare," Furtney said. "She just believes that there are programs for people with needs and she and her children qualify for some of them."

Unless a miracle happened and the autism was cured...or the other disabilities suddenly vanished, there is no reason to stop the disability payments. The kids deserve those payments -since they are handicapped, so why shouldn't she collect it?

Nadya also still has the website asking for cash donations.

Luckily the Duggars didn't have to stoop to doing fetish films to pay the mortgage. They can afford their children...

1234 days ago


I bet the duggers take that child tax credit to the tune of $2500.00 per kid every year.I do no*****ch the show but it looks like most are under 18....even if 15 kids are under 18 thats still 37,500.....

1234 days ago


@And thats the truth
yes and the legalization and wide spread use of birth control today didn't help at all as well... I think the fact that people are able to now choose how many kids they have and what they want in life are more of a reason why people don't have 8+ kids unless you don't believe in the use of birth control.

I know the Duggars aren't on welfare etc, but this woman nearly killed herself and her youngest daughter during her last pregnancy yet she would love to be pregnant again, that is all I need to know about what these people think. I'm not saying the kids are a drain of society I'm saying this woman has what seems like a mental illness which because of her lifestyle seems more acceptable than in the case of Nadya Suleman.

1234 days ago


why would they edit out no*****ch...dumb tmz...not watch

1234 days ago


The mother continued to breed cause she makes the older daughters take care of them. If it weren't for those girls, she couldn't handle all those kids!

1234 days ago


That's just to many kids!!! I could never remember everyones name, let alone birthdays or anything else, besides my state of mind wouldn't be very good with all those kids driving me insane! I think I would have to do something to be thrown in Jail where I could get a little piece and quite!

1234 days ago


Ummmm....AR not AK

1234 days ago


Thank you all for noticing that the reporters do not know the abbreviations for our states. Maybe we should send them a map with all the abbreviations of the states. Thank you Canadian especially since we learn this in school before graduating high school, but looks like TMZ didn't go the to history classes.

Cindy from Fayetteville, ARkansas

1234 days ago
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