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Gerard Butler

Gives Jessica Biel a Ride

6/6/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Jessica Biel jumped on the rumored hookup bandwagon by wrapping her arms around Hollywood womanizer Gerard Butler while on a motorcycle this weekend.

The cool riders played it safe by wearing protection as they rode down the Pacific Coast Highway.

While neither has confirmed the relationship, Biel's ex Justin Timberlake has been linked to everyone from Olivia Wilde, Ashley Olsen and Mila Kunis.


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they would make a good couple actually.

1200 days ago


No way from JT to GB is too big a downgrade

1200 days ago


they are filming a movie together
is this maybe a scene from it?
or maybe they went for a bike ride on their down time- no law against that is there?

maybe a budding romance/maybe not-but the press lime TMZ-takes anything and runs with it hoping eventually to be correct when they make stuff up!

and as far as her
"wrapping her arms around Hollywood womanizer"
#1) did you expect her to ride behing him and not hole on?
#2) he's single-he dates - what's wrong with that?

1200 days ago


I'm no fan of Jessica Biel. She hasn't even, remotely, done anything halfway decent sine 7th Heaven. She just a celeb because she has full lips and a nice figure. God bless America, huh? And Gerry? Well he'll apparently take left-overs, handouts, give-ins, by-backs, etc. So, I guess everybody gets what they want. She knows she'd better latch on to somebody with some kind of rep, or she'll be no big Biel.

1200 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

They definitely rock the whole Blue Thunder look.

1200 days ago


Jessica Smessica... there having a good time! good for them. on to the next!

1200 days ago

who dat    

They are probably effn. No big deal. If you're a straight guy in hollywood, there are plenty of women to F. He has lousy taste in motorcycles though. His bike looks like S. I'm sure he can afford a cool lookin bike, but he couldn't pull it off.

1200 days ago


Are you kidding...GB is a downgrade? You're trying to compare a little boy to a MAN.

1200 days ago


Hey RiceLover, celeb's date other celebs because they work together...When I acted I dated other actress's..Rice, hmmmm.. I'm hungry now...

1200 days ago

Kate In LA    

Try to understand something folks. All of these so-called 'hook-ups' are done to promote a movie. They get everyone in a frenzy with rumors of a romance and when the movie comes out they hope that the theatre is filled from the buzz. Remember his 'hot, steamy romance' with Jennifer Aniston - it never happened. All the blogs and tabloids now refer to them as exes. It is silly. What is even more silly are the people that actually believe all of this crap and then write on message board as if they have a clue to what the real story (or non-story) really is. C'mon people - wake up and stop being so gullable. You are all being sold a bill of goods and the tabloids are getting fat because of it. It is all a machine and you all play into it. Gerry was also photographed riding his camping equipment packed bike last week with an unnamed man in Alabama (see GBGals fan website)- The two of them looked real chummy. Does that mean he hooked up with him too? Let's face it- none of us knows anything for sure least of all what goes on with them personally and frankly, I am at a loss as to why people are so interested. Some of you write like you have personal, intimate knowledge of these people when it all comes from the tabloid fodder. Others even write things that are very mean and hateful about their bodies or about them personally - even referring to them with obscenities. The bottom line is the all of this tabloid stuff has gotten out of hand. None of it is true and all of it is for entertainment and promotional purposes. If it is true, nice for them but is it is highly doubtful.

1200 days ago


Biel has one of the sexiest scenes in history in Summer Catch that shows her exiting a pool and walking in a red bikini. That scene alone makes her a star forever. It also helps that she has one of the best bodies in history.

1200 days ago


Every women this guy has coffee with is going to be "an affair" in the eyes of the public. NEXT RUMOR........

1200 days ago


allowing yourself being used is sign of low self respect, what a doormat

1200 days ago


SHEE-YITTT. wish he would give ME a ride!

1200 days ago

john johnson    

hollywood is a nasty filthy ass cesspool!

1200 days ago
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