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Plaxico Burress -- Dirty, 'Filthy,' Inmate

6/6/2011 7:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Plaxico Burress was known as a dirty, "filthy," troublemaker during his stint behind bars in Oneida State Prison -- this according to docs obtained by TMZ.

Plaxico Burress

During the search of his cell back in October, one of the guards described Plax's cell as a total hell hole.

"Inmate Burress's room was filthy. I found opened bags of food on the floor, under the bed and under dirty clothes, books and paperwork, mail scattered throughout the room. "

The report continues, "Burress was told to clean his room."

TMZ also obtained a new mug shot -- taken on May 11.

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No Avatar


Wow breaking news!!! This story is total BS..Let's just say I might know someone who works at that jail and they say SHENA****NS as fas as this sotry goes

1206 days ago


Plaxico is a stupid name. Keep him in jail cuz he will mess up again.

1206 days ago


I cannot believe the prison guards story. Because he was just let out for "good behavior". So he couldn't have been a "trouble-maker'. He probably refused to sign a jersey and the guard is being an *******. Nuff said. I know the G-men won't take him back, but he WILL help a team become better. He's a great receiver; (maybe literally too).

1206 days ago


And he will be welcomed back to the NFL with open arms.

1206 days ago

Home Skillet    

"Plaxico" sounds to me like something I'd take for indigestion. Or, maybe some sort of plastics company.

1206 days ago


Sounds like my ex-boyfriend. Some people just don't care. If he's in prison, they bring a cart from cell to cell to clean once a week. Since he's refusing, they should toss him in the hole. That'll make him clean up all that junk.

1206 days ago

Shane D.    

Jcsboy about an hour ago
A spook will always be a spook.
@Jcsboy, and this comment accomplishes what? What is wrong with you? Why aren't you happy with life?

1206 days ago


Sounds like my daughters room. If thats all he did then just damn, what a poor attempt at a "story".

1206 days ago


This story sounds like a bunch of BS. Totally different from the articles a read months ago saying that he was a model prisoner. If he was a trouble maker and causing all these problems and such...why is he gettin out early? And I'm 1,000% sure if it was true this information would have come out by now...and not after he's released. I'm with ED...sounds like the guards didn't get the autographs and free jerseys and stuff.

1206 days ago

Home Skillet    

I don't know Plaxico "I'm Not a Laxative" Burress and I have no interest in defending him, but it doesn't make sense that he'd live like a pig then they'd let him off for good behavior. Sorry for the pun, but it doesn't pass the smell test. Okay, I'm not that sorry. That is all.

1206 days ago


Um excuse me...it's PRISON not the Trump Plaza, at least he could afford his snacks.

1206 days ago


Shocked! Who would have guessed once the butler and maid are gone the guy would be a pig?

1206 days ago


If I was put in jail for two years shooting myself, I'd leave them some cleaning to do too when I checked out. It's not like he wanted to be there!!

1206 days ago


He should have had his maid arrested with him so he could not be the b!tch AND have a clean cell.

1206 days ago


His room, not the inmate was described as "dirty" and "filthy!"
Come on, TMZ!

1206 days ago
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