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Chris Bosh Begs Judge -- Let My Kid Go to NBA Finals

6/8/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miami Heat superstar Chris Bosh desperately wants his 2-year-old daughter to watch him play in the NBA Finals -- but his baby mama won't let her go to the games -- so he's going to court to try to force her hand.


Bosh and his ex-girlfriend, Allison Mathis, are locked in a bitter custody war -- and while they hash out a permanent solution, they are currently abiding by a temporary court-ordered arrangement in which they share custody ... and right now, their daughter is with Mathis. 

TMZ obtained an emergency motion Bosh filed with a Maryland court last week -- asking the judge to temporarily alter their agreement so "[Bosh's daughter] is able to share in what, to date, is the pinnacle of Bosh's professional career, and possibly a once in a lifetime opportunity."

In the docs, Bosh also includes an email he sent to Mathis last month in the hopes of striking a deal outside the courtroom.


In the letter, Chris states, "I am embarking on a new chapter of my life by making it into the finals for the first time in my professional career and it's very important to me to have the people closest and dear to my heart to be able to share these moments with me."

Bosh continues, "If we can make this happen please respond asap and I will set up the arrangements for pick up/drop off without you even having to lift a finger."

According to the legal docs, Bosh never heard back from Mathis. So far, the judge has yet to rule on the matter ... but a source close to Allison tells us she does not want to change the arrangement. 

But there's a silver lining in this story for Bosh -- according to the original arrangement, he's due to get custody of the kid back on June 11 ... one day before Game 6 of the NBA Finals.

And since the Heat lost to the Dallas Mavericks Tuesday night -- evening the series at 2 games a piece -- it seems Bosh will get to play in front of his daughter after all.

UPDATE: Mathis' mother tells TMZ, "She never objected to those dates for the playoffs or any such thing."


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If there was a real problem with Chris, he would not be getting joint custody. I think the mother would be getting full custody. As I said before, No, the child will not remember what’s going on but this man wants to share something big in his life with his child. There are so many absent fathers that don’t care. This man cares.. Give the hate a break for a second.

1200 days ago


Wow, bigger picture much?

First, a 2 year-old can't sit through a game, true. But she can be with someone who'll keep her happy, let her watch a bit, walk around, nap in the VIP area, whatever it takes. Then if they win, she'll be part of the photos, videos, etc. on the court with her dad. This will be a memory, even in only in pictures and it means a lot that her dad wants her there rather than having some .25 ho on his arm in his big moment.

Sheesh. Can't believe that needed to be explained.

1200 days ago


To all of you who think the 2year old should be there...

Have you ever taken a 2 year old anywhere? Apparently not! The kid will be miserable.

1200 days ago


Dear TMZ: It's "apiece" not "a piece."

1200 days ago


He should be able to see his daughter and the article states he will get her on the 11th. She should not keep him away from or not allow him to see his child but not having such a young child at a sporting event seems like a dumb idea. His wanting his loved ones to share in his big moment is understandable but this is not the place to do that. Its not like it is a basketball hoop at Chuck E Cheese.

1200 days ago


Come on!!!!! 1. She has no reason to keep this child from her father. 2. She must not over him or she would be doing the right thing. 3. Read the email, he never used harsh words in his request.

Only in the cases of abuse would I think it is warranted to deny access but this is not the case. The mother is being a ROYAL B@#$!

100% for CHRIS

1200 days ago

Dr Malpani    

He doesn't have any other work or what?

1200 days ago

Irish Pubes    

There are some straight idiots on this site. OBVIOUSLY, he doesn't want her there so she could go home after the game and begin writing her memoirs on how great her dad is, you morons. It's for him to share his moment with his child so HE can remember it. God...how unimaginably stupid can you friggin idiots be?

1200 days ago


Im sure the child will not be sitting court side or in some cramp nose bleed seats. Im sure she would be in the HEAT VIP section. No one says anything when the baseball or basketball players have their kids when they win. If he wins a championship, He will want his child there. There mother is mad because she will not be there to get her 5 minutes on tv. she needs to grow up and stop being a bitter mother.

1200 days ago


That baby mamma is one messed up bitch... she is so ghetto and unsophisticated that she doesn't even know enough feign being a decent person for posterity... she just has to keep her bitch street cred...

I guess the old saying still apply Chris... "You lay you pay" He should have looked for a woman who make a good mother and wife and not just arm candy

1200 days ago


could you have chosen a worse picture of Bosh.. and people this isn't about his daughter remembering if she was there or not.. He wants his child there.. not too much to ask

1200 days ago


Baby mama you suck! How about thinking about your kid. Maybe you don't like your baby daddy but your kid is going to hate your guts for denying them to be at something so special with daddy, maybe not now but the truth will come out and you will look like the bitter bitch you are.

1200 days ago


his ex is likely trying to hold something like his kid over his head in order to seal a REAL Housewife basketball reality show.

despite not being a wife but show's like that look way over the specifics anyway

again its out of wedlock wanting all the perks of being a wife just because she had a baby.


the hoodrat come up play

1200 days ago


Are you SERIOUS??? If I was this mom and he was pushing the issue so, I would let her go, but sit court side near daddy so when she tries running around and has crying fits because she's being held back, not to mention being over tired........... Daddy can turn around and hold her. When that doesn't work how much you wanna bet he'll say it's mom's fault for not controlling her and she's doing it on purpose. Needs a clue dude.

1200 days ago


“There are some straight idiots on this site. OBVIOUSLY, he doesn't want her there so she could go home after the game and begin writing her memoirs on how great her dad is, you morons. It's for him to share his moment with his child so HE can remember it. God...how unimaginably stupid can you friggin idiots be?”

Irish Pubes.. Thank you!! I could not have said it better!!

1200 days ago
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