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Kim K to 'In Touch'

I Didn't Cheat, and I'll Sue

6/8/2011 7:12 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is incensed that "In Touch" just ran a cover story which claims she has been cheating on her fiance, Kris Humphries, with NFL player Bret Lockett ... and she's threatening to sue the mag and Lockett.


TMZ has obtained a demand letter, written by Kim's lawyer, threatening "In Touch" that if it ran the cheating story Kim would take legal action.  The letter put "In Touch" on notice ... the cheating allegations "are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy."

Kim's reps tell TMZ ... Kim has never even met or spoken with Lockett. 

Nevertheless, "In Touch" is publishing the story in its new issue.  In the story, Lockett is quoted, saying, "I knew this was a game to her, and this is what she does."  Lockett adds, "She pursued me."

060811_lockett_v2_videoKim's rep tells TMZ, Kim will sue both "In Touch" and Lockett.

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No Avatar


Ha ha....I bet they will do anything to keep themselves alive. Too bad the Congressman is taking all their presences.

1232 days ago

Where is my get out of jail card?    

I don't believe anything that magazine says anyways, or star. They basically make crap up to make a buck.

1232 days ago


lmao at most of you and your comments. Such harsh phrases for someone that you dont even know. Kim is great as is her family. I dont know why you believe such garbage.

1232 days ago


WOW -- Lockett is CUTE.

1232 days ago


glad to see by some of the postings here that I'm not the only footbal fan who has never heard of Bret Lockett

is this him just looking for his 15 minutes in the tabloids and not based on truth at all?

is this him doing the typical guy thing of bragging about his "conquests" and maybe inventing a bit thinking he was amping up his image

if so he'll regret it soon if he doesn't come clean

somehow I don't see it-she has been beside Kris most of the time and hounded by photogs every second -don't know how she would have been able to carry it off

we'll see if In Touch really takes the chance in pubishing it

1232 days ago


Maybe he got the wrong Kardashian. I don't know which one is which.

1232 days ago


Who really cares about the pathetically narcissistic KarTRASHians?

More vapid garbage being fed to our short-attention-span society of celebrity sycophants.
If you become (I won't say "grow up") a pretty-to-look-at, spolied slut or a booze & drug-hound bad boy...America loves you, even if you barely graduated high school.

And we wonder why our kids trail the rest of the world in education (and common sense).

1232 days ago


Don't care if she did it or not. White guys stay turning hoes into housewives. Black guy would never marry some black chic, that a white boy pissed on. Then put it on videotape for the whole world to see. Sucka for love.

1232 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

As I've said before - Such an expensive ring for such a cheap woman.

This loose woman is nothing more than a nasty tramp. Can you imagine bringing this tramp to meet the family?

"I'm a celebrity because I made a sex tape." Loser.

1232 days ago


This girl gets pumped more than a bicycle tire!

1232 days ago


If she intends to sue, she'll get a whole lot of **** from her moron mother beacuse that's thier bread and butter she's going to sue.

There won't be a lawsuit cuz imagine if all the other rags decide to NOT interview any of the chicks or keep them off the covers, lots of $$$ won't be coming in and Kris will not stand for any of that.

Know what I mean?

1232 days ago


I believe Kim when she says it didn't happen. They said the "affair" went on for 5 months...well there you go...she's never been able to hold a man interest for 5 days let alone 5 months. KIM...a butt implant....REALLY??? I ALMOST feel sorry for her!

1232 days ago


It's all symantics.....the front page says "texts and phone sex"....sooo, theoretically it isn't a lie....she says she "never MET him". And "never SPOKE to him"....ummmm, most "phone sex" isn't exactly a conversation about what you had for lunch.
AND, WTF??? Privacy??? You have your own "reality show", bimbo!! There's NO expectation of "privacy".
But, it was most likely BEFORE she was engaged, so it's all good, right??

1232 days ago


the cheating allegations "are, at a minimum, damaging, defamatory, and an invasion of her privacy."

where does it say that it is not true

1232 days ago


True or not who cares... those rag mags are famous for making up stories... to think this would have any effect on the way people judge her is ridiculous. Shes a famewhore who shows the world everything, and we didn't even ask for it. I mean honestly we've seen her get peed on people!!!!!

1232 days ago
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