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Estella Warren


DUI, Hit-and-Run, Battery

6/9/2011 1:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Estella Warren can't escape this -- TMZ has learned, the "Planet of the Apes" star was just charged with DUI, hit-and-run driving, battery on a cop, and resisting arrest ... after an alleged alcohol-fueled joyride last month.

Estella Warren

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, the L.A. City Attorney's office filed the four charges today -- each misdemeanors. If convicted on all charges, Warren faces a total of 2.5 years in jail.

As we previously reported, Warren was arrested last month after allegedly boozing up and slamming into three cars, kicking a cop, and escaping the police station.

Estella dodged the escape charge on a technicality -- because she hadn't been booked when she slipped out of her handcuffs and bolted from the police station.

Warren is due back in court next week.


No Avatar


Yikes, that pic is scary.

1199 days ago


she has bags under the eyes from all the drinking. she needs to detox

1199 days ago


I want her to skate on the cop battery and resisting arrest. As to the DUI and hit-n-run: nail her to the wall for those.

1199 days ago


She's personality disordered. People who think the rules of society do not pertain to them are personality disordered. They have "magical thinking". Charlie sheen is not only bipolar or drug induced psychosis- let's see him sober for a year- but he is a narcissist. This chick is likely narcissist and or borderline.
See kids- you really should understand personality disorders a*****ler was a huge cluster B, not psychotic, not bipolar, not any axis I diagnosis. He was axis II like most people in LA. The only other diagnosis you put on axis II besides personality disorders is.....mental retardation. Personality disorders are emotionally retarded. Yea, rich, talented, pretty and an emotional retard. Love you TMZ!

1199 days ago


Guys- the name of the person is extreemly important to the point!
The guy that is the most hated person in history from world war two. He tried to take over the world and killed six million people- in ovens.
Hello, axis II- cluster B- anti-social.
oh yea, anti-socials also do not work. People who can work and choose not to work- anti-social. They may not do crime- they just live off others, or the state, but they do not work or have a consistent job history.

1199 days ago

Mick Jagger    

What disgusts me is that there are 2 recent incidents in which wealthy investment bankers maimed people in hit and runs and got a slap on the wrist because of their status. We are not living in an equal society anymore. In one case in Colorado, the drunk banker ran over a doctor on his bicycle and maimed him for life. If anyone actually cares about stuff like this they should start paying attention to the fact that there are now two separate justice systems. One for the very rich, and one for the rest of us. Power concedes nothing without demand...let's start making real change instead of fake change and platitudes that Obama the closet republican sell-out has sold us.

1199 days ago



I diagnose you as delusional, exhibiting grandiose ideations, and likely bi-polar. Dumb as dirt also applies.

1199 days ago


No matter how crowded the courtroom is... as long as I have a face she'll have a place to sit!!!!

1199 days ago


Becca- hit a nurve huh honey.

1199 days ago

Karma Chameleon    

Jeezus - girlfriend has some serious baggage -- and that's just on her face.

According to the LA Times she was convicted of DUI in 2007. Clearly a menace to society - ship her skanky a** back to Canada!

1199 days ago


Celebrity Justice has struck again!

How many people have gotten a misdemeanor for kicking a cop?

1199 days ago

PRO US    

Jimmythev 4 hours ago

Isn't she Canadian?... if she gets a Felony on her record she'll be kicked out of the country and banned for 7 years... guess her career is over also.
Did you read the story? She's being charged with 4 misdemeanors, not with any felony.

1199 days ago

PRO US    

Criss 4 hours ago

Holy bags under the eyes! What the hell happened!? She used to be pretty!
Time and booze and/or drugs happened. She's 40 years old. The cops found that out. She claims to be 32.

1199 days ago

PRO US    

Tammy 3 hours ago

I want her to skate on the cop battery and resisting arrest. As to the DUI and hit-n-run: nail her to the wall for those
Why? She tried to kick the officer and ran out of the police station after slipping out of her handcuffs.

1199 days ago


Interesting, >>> If convicted on all charges, Warren faces a total of 2.5 years in jail. >>> really not too bad for all the charges: DUI, hit-and-run driving, battery on a cop, and resisting arrest.

Would have thought the battery on a cop would have brought a bigger sentence.

1199 days ago
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