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Flo Rida's $1.7 Mil Car


6/10/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Flo Rida's precious $1.7 million Bugatti was thiiiiiis close to being dragged to an impound lot after the rapper's DUI yesterday --  if not for Flo's trusty sidekick who came through with a HUGE assist at the last minute. 


Tremont Towing in Miami Beach tells us ... Flo's Bugatti had just been loaded on to a flat bed truck headed for the impound lot -- when the truck driver got a call from one of the rapper's friends who had police approval to take possession of the vehicle.

We're told the friend had to spring for the $115 towing fee -- but it's a small price to pay to make sure the $1.7 million exotic ride doesn't rot with common whips in a dirty impound lot.

If you can't find a friend to drive your million dollar car home -- you need to find new friends.


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Tony C    

Man priorities, principles and what we deem as role models in America are so F%@&ed up.

1231 days ago

Physical Graffiti    

I saw one of those cars in Beverly Hills. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen and can't believe someone would actually pay that much for one. I don't care about the technology or how fast it's the potato bug of cars!

1230 days ago


Jesus, what a dumb arse. If you can afford a $1.7M car you can afford a driver.

1230 days ago


This guy wasting money doesn't make me nearly as sick as the idea that he named himself for his liking of sleeping with women on the rag. Right? What else would "Flo Rida" mean?

1230 days ago


I am ashamed on behalf of Bugatti.....I have seen alot of fabulous Bugattis in my life but what this thing is just horrific...Im embarrased for it.....I wonder if Bugatti is aware of this POS?

1230 days ago

who dat    

The exact model and color with 400 original miles for sale (ebay) ...the Roger Penske collection. Plus it wasn't driver by a low class rapper. $1.3 Million. Typical TMZ puff job.

1230 days ago


Too bad his intelligence doesn't match the price of his car or maybe it does because only an idiot would pay that much for a car?

1230 days ago


A fool and his money are soon parted. Check out MC Hammer Flo Rence, he wasted it all just like you are doing fool. What kind of a self absorbed nut would spend that much loot on a car? Check your drunka$$ head. Sell the car and buy an apartment building for your future idiot. You can't live in a Bugatti and you ain't no Michael Jackson so you won't have residual checks rolling in forever. I've never even heard of you fool.

1230 days ago


It's a lease (like everything else he"owns") that will be re poed as soon as he runs out of $$$$

1229 days ago


How about spending 1.5 back in you ghetto helping the poor and helping schools. FloRida is the nickname for playing in the red river

1228 days ago


Wow what a bunch of jealous, envious people. I met Florida during NBA All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles. A friend of mine knew him before he became a big-time rapper. He is a humble dude, so you mean to tell me no one has ever made a mistake? Who are you guys to pass judgement? Your just mad because he is a young black man with more money than you will ever see. Accept it and move on. And MC Hammer still is rich, his house is huge and he has a big stake in MMA fighting dummies. Always want to see people fall. Get your own life, like 2PAC said "Only God can judge me" eat a polska kielbasa and choke idiots!!!

1228 days ago


flo rida always balling but really man if ur gonna spend that kind of money i would definitly invest it more wizzzer u could have put together a better looking car and most likely faster and less than half the price stop being like everyone esle an be unique peace moron

1209 days ago

Delivery Man    

give it a little will be picked up for non payment.he wasnt smart enough to buy it.

1190 days ago


I wouldn't drive that car either... Scratch it and I'll be in debt for the rest of my life lol no thanks.

1188 days ago
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