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Kim K Issues $2 Million Statement to Bret Lockett

6/9/2011 3:48 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Despite Bret Lockett's claims that they had an affair, Kim Kardashian sauntered into LAX today from London still wearing her $2 million engagement ring from Kris Humphries.

While Kim has fired off a demand letter to Lockett telling him to retract his accusations, it appears her engagement is still solid as a rock.


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Are the Kardashian's setting the mood for another "leaked" "stolen" "hacked" proof of love, aka another sex tape for $5 mill?

1230 days ago

S D M F    

Who hasn't this no talent bimbo been with? She's been passed around the sports arenas more than anyone. There is a new strain of Herpes called the Kim K Wart!

Skank Alert
Skank Alert
Skank Alert

1230 days ago

las vegan    

why is this woman even worth a news story, or because shes a media whore who'll do anything to stay in the spotlight. sad, sad, sad. Like my mom used to won't buy you class.

1230 days ago

ee cummings    

Can we get her spayed so there won't be any more spawn?

1230 days ago


Nobody cares about the Kardashians except E and TMZ.
Other than that they could get drown in a tsunami and nobody would care.
Stop putting them on your website.

1230 days ago


Enough with these Kardashian bitches! One has a big ass, one is dumber then dog ****, and the other is a man!

1230 days ago

lil harvey    

PLEASE................ Go the ******* away !!!!!

1230 days ago

Doesnt matter    

Kartrashian... Why would the football player lie ??? He has NOTHING to gain. He claims he has photographic and text proof. Let's see it and get this fat booty tramp out of the spotlight. She is a nobody anyway.

1230 days ago


She "sauntered" into LAX,More like she waddled into LAX

1230 days ago


Lockett wish he had a taste of Kim. Lockett must of asked her out & she turned down that ugly jig. sue his a** Kim.

1230 days ago


Amazing how much money people can make when the only talent they have is spreading their legs for the next sports star with a swinging snake. And people will watch her show and put even more money in her bank account when they buy her products, even though there are other products that are the same or better. I don't get it, but it's not my money. I only invest in things I need, not things that are associated with someones name.

1230 days ago


What a bunch of haters, all of a sudden the haters come out on KIM, where is the woman power at ? So what if she dates black guys LOL, what fools on this comment site. And if she cheated who cares, no need for talking all the crap about her, and wtf has Khole done to call her names ? And the mom ? This must be from all the colored ladies who hate on opposite races dating their black men, and the men who hate on the black guys for dating Kardashians.

1230 days ago


idk if she did it or not but i personally dont know kim so i wouldnt doubt it but i kind of think the football player is desperate and wants attention because if shes denying it why would you continue to tell the public that and what does khloe have to do with kim the football player and kris wtf

1230 days ago


Why do we care? This woman is a nobody.

1230 days ago

brianna schneider    

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1230 days ago
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