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'Bone Thugs' Rapper Accused of Tour Bus Beatdown

6/16/2011 3:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony rapper, Bizzy Bone, is under investigation in Chicago for allegedly beating up TWO fans after a concert last week ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the two alleged victims -- both male -- told police they each paid $80 for a meet-and-greet with the rappers on their tour bus last Thursday night ... but when they entered the vehicle, Bizzy flipped out.

One of the men told cops the screaming match quickly escalated ... and Bizzy began  throwing punches. Bizzy allegedly wailed on BOTH men until another member of the group stepped in and broke things up.

We're told both of the fans appeared bruised after the alleged attack -- and one of the men claims he suffered a broken nose.

Chicago Police confirm one of the men filed a police report against Bizzy the following day. 

Cops tell us they have not spoken to Bizzy about the incident, but are actively investigating the complaint.

Calls to Bizzy's reps have not yet been returned.


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and the big surprise is what exactly? give a thug a microphone and he thinks he's king!

1203 days ago


All u haters don't know what's up I was just chillin w bizzy sunday nicest dude around 70 million.sold and still real dudes prolly jumped on the bus n lied about paying I got pics w bizzy chillin w his fans tmz is run by homos

1203 days ago


Not one of u lames would say it to my guys face u think punches hurt them thugstas stay strapped

1203 days ago


Seriously this is news? How about report on someone who in my opinion is more important like say Tupac? not only i it his birthday it is all over tv and online but no mention here the guy who shot him confessed to being involved in at least one of the shootings he went through.

1203 days ago



1203 days ago


Did they forget to knock?
What was really shocking is there a two fans!
Hope they sue him for every $$$ they can get. What a violent thug! Wonder what his education level is?

1203 days ago


$80 for meet & greet(BEAT)?? sounds like a crackhead move to me.

1203 days ago


(Off thread, but far more interesting/relevant than "news" about some anti-social thug)

Congress has undergone surgical alteration....


1203 days ago


I've heard about this before, or something similar. Bonethugz came to Harrisburg PA once, and a friend of mine, at the time a 23 year old white girl, met the group when she had backstage passes, except her meeting was ruined when the bone thugz critisized her and her friend because they were "white"!!! These punks are simply hateful and i've not been a fan for some time now.

Doing this to some fans who paid for a meet and greet doesnt surprise me one bit from bone thugz n harmony! :(

1203 days ago


LOL at the ppl in this thread commenting when they have no clue about "Bone Thugs~N~Harmony" that's how you spell it...

1203 days ago


If the majority of the people commenting do not listen to rap why would you even comment on this story? SMH @ you people, since you are obviously old folk, that means SHAKING MY HEAD! Bone Thugs N Harmony have sold MORE than 50 million records worldwide, heres some news you OLD people can MAYBE relate to...they BROKE the BEATLES record for "the fastest rising single of ALL time!" so do your research before you talk crap about a subject you obviously have no expertise in! And keep in mind all of you people have only heard 1 side of the story, This "fee" for the meet and greet was not even paid to any member of the actual group, but to the CAMERA MAN, is there any proof that Bizzy knew these guys were on their bus to get pics and autographs? exactly! Didnt think so. This is what is wrong with America, sterotyping will never go away, and america automatically assumes because someone is a "rapper" they are talent-less and far from intelligent. Bet if you sit down and have a conversation with Bizzy Bone he is far more educated and intellectual than 90% of the people who have posted on this story.. SMH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1203 days ago

Maxx Steele    

i would slap all the half-white offa his loser a**.
he aint no thug, he a punk b****.
i'd hit that fat ***** so hard his, wana-be gansta b****-a** braids be fallin out.

1203 days ago


Damn, Bizzy- brush that tongue! Ewwwwww!!

1203 days ago


That's what you get for stepping up to a real thug. Who are these no names Anons talking about who's Bizzy bone? LOL ******* noobs. Google is your friend, learn how to use it, yes You're that ******* stupid.

1203 days ago


They're on tour? And people want to see them? Is it still 1997?

1203 days ago
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