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Crystal Harris

Hef Will Never

Get Married Again

6/15/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Twice-married Hugh Hefner will remain a swinging bachelor until he's dead -- at least according to the woman he was supposed to marry this weekend.


Ex-fiancée Crystal Harris went on KIIS FM with Ryan Seacrest this morning -- days after she called off her wedding with Hef -- claiming the Playboy mogul has now bowed out of the marriage game ... for good.

According to Crystal, Hef had only agreed to marry her because he believed it was what she wanted -- and he was actually RELIEVED when she called the whole thing off.

Crystal said the Playboy way of life just rubbed her the wrong way -- adding, "This isn't the lifestyle for me. Multiple girls around all the time. The Playboy lifestyle. I just wanted to be true to myself."


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Can't wait to hear this talentless asses "music". But, as brittney spears as an example, america's teens will buy any noise coming out of a pretty face.

1121 days ago


Didnt Holly predict this? Wasnt she gonna kick her ass if she hurt him?

1120 days ago


He should bow out of marriage forever - his money has gone to ehough money grubbing women! Put the money toward the national debt, Hugh! Let the Bimbos find other ways to make money - like get a job!

1120 days ago


she was on kiss fm with bobby bones!!!

1120 days ago


money hungry bitch! who would want to **** their grandfather?

1120 days ago


Good for you, Crystal. No woman can ever have an actual "marriage" with Hugh Hefner and all the whores he'll keep around. The man really has no business getting married since he would never be FAITHFUL to anyone. He would probably insist on having an open relationship where he could still look at all the naked women he wants and have sex with as many other women he wants, and that's not a real marriage.

1120 days ago


Could she have said 'You know' any more times?!

1120 days ago


How can someone not know the King of Playboy? She is the best example of a DUMB BLONDE. She should have NEVER been with him in the first place if she didn't want that lifestyle. She was out for $$$$$ only and the publicity. Hopefully her CD bombs and Hollywood and everyone else sees her for what she really is. A lowlife, want to be famous jerk. Hopefully her 15 minutes of fame is now passed. Hef, I hope you find love again. Wished it would have worked out with you and Holly. Holly really truly loved you.

1120 days ago


So I wonder which new girls have moved in with Hef. After his last 3 girlfriends moved out 3 new girls moved in the next day.

1120 days ago


I don't think Harris is a gold digger. She is proving she isn't one cause she aint marrying him.
Both sides will make money off the "scandal." But underneath, I believe the girl is truly hurt because she believed Hef (as crazy as it to the rest of us) wanted to finally settle down...with her. She felt special. But then she found out she isn't. He is still doing his thing.

1119 days ago


Truly this is the best thing that has happened since Holly left the mansion. He should have married Holly. She truly adored Hef and would have taken care of him. Crystal and those twins clearly were all about the money and fame it's plain and simple.

1117 days ago


"Crystal said the Playboy way of life just rubbed her the wrong way -- adding, "This isn't the lifestyle for me. Multiple girls around all the time. The Playboy lifestyle. I just wanted to be true to myself."

Is she saying that she didn't realize that Hugh Hefner lived a Playboy lifestyle till right before the wedding? She didn't know going into it that he had multiple girls around all the time? HELLO?! Hugh Hefner invented the Playboy lifestyle!

1116 days ago

Merri B    

She WAS being true to herself => money hungry fame whore that found out that the payday wasn't going to be as big as she had built up in her mind (or whatever was passing for her "mind") so she cut her losses. I'd say she was being spot on true to herself. That IS herself, and that was the only thing she WAS true to.

1116 days ago


I dont get what you people are saying at all if this woman was a gold digger than why wouldn't she have just married him hef is what 85 he was 10 years under his belt tops with i dont think any kids all that money would have been left to her.. and if she dud want money and publicity well money and publicity is right there with Hef so.. and the other she should be respected for not going threw with it when she had gold feet instead of having just another hollywood divorce so atleast she didn't put hef threw another and in that fast paced world i dought she would be thinking about how it wasn't the lifestyle for her when marriage wasn't ahead and everything was so fast paced and fun she was just enjoying it like the girls before her so i dont see the difference other than the fact the other 3 girls just had cerisma and were just fun and had start quality....

1031 days ago
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