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TMZ Live: Obama's Lotto HOOKS Gamblers

6/15/2011 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dinner with President Obama's going cheap -- all you gotta do is drop $5 on his re-election lotto. But should the prez prey on We the People's gambling instincts? Plus, porn star turned "feature dancer" -- Ginger Lee says she's offended by Rep. Weiner's package -- you buying it?

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) Topics today: Possible plot to kill Joss Stone, one of Weiner's women speaks out, J.Lo's possible "Idol" exit, and much more!
(2:00) Will and Kate are coming stateside -- and you won't believe the measures being taken to keep paparazzi the hell away from them!
(6:20) Ginger Lee -- Rep. Weiner's former porn star pal -- held a news conference today with the help of Gloria Allred ... and, naturally, it was a SCENE.
(10:45) Lee claims she couldn't work (strip) after the scandal broke -- but don't worry, she's triumphantly returning to the pole tonight!
(17:50) John Edwards' mug shot -- impossible to describe in words.
(20:34) Jennifer Lopez says she's undecided on an "Idol" return -- is she serious? Is it a money play? Or does she just love the attention?
(28:10) Harvey says President Obama is "feeding on people's gambling instincts" -- you'll have to listen to understand why.
(37:00) Reese Witherspoon's mini-donkeys -- Honky and Tonky -- are driving her neighbors crazy. But they're soooo cute!
(41:10) Great webcam question all the way from Malta -- are all these celeb scandals making us numb to controversy?
(48:20) Charles -- a Yankees fan -- is heartbroken because Derek Jeter is hurt.


No Avatar


When did ONLY talking about celebrity stories start? No more inane banter...?

Boring!! ZZZzzzzzz............................

1163 days ago

Dragon Tattoo    

what no polls today? :(

1163 days ago

nee nee    

Woody Allen...NOT Peter Sellers

1163 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Nutcracker.. lol.. GOOD 1 Harvey!

1163 days ago


I don't think JLo planned to stay at American Idol anyway. Her career was stalling and she needed to get back in the lime light again. This gig at AI did that for her. Of course if she demands more money and gets it she will stick around for another season.

1163 days ago


Tim Hasselbeck, Elisabeth's husband was on The View today and he had a split in his crotch you could clearly see his junk!!!

1163 days ago


TMZ, you guys are acting like a woman who works as a stripper has no right to privacy and that she does not have a right to be protected from unwanted attentions. She has the same rights as anyone else and Weiner is a person who pushes his sexual attentions on people who don't want them.

1163 days ago


Come on I usually agree with Mike but who wouldn't lie or try to get the other person to lie...If you were him what would you have done besides not text pics.

1163 days ago


John Edwards doesn't want his mug shot to look like a mug shot because he probably believes he still has a future in politics (can't blame him, Marion Barry got reelected). You don't want to have a Nick Nolte-style mug shot out there for your opponents to use the next time you run for office.

1163 days ago


I'm sure it's a stretch, but if J. Lo bailed on Idol after just one year, wouldn't it only confirm she was only trying to make herself relevant again?

1163 days ago


Have you guys talked about Gene Simmons? are they really breaking up.

1163 days ago


SO how many hours went by before D Stevenson was arrested?

1163 days ago

nee nee    

TMZ should know this: it is all preplanned by Am. Idol producers, Jens record co., and People Mag. (most beautiful) they all work together and they all make phat $

1163 days ago


If J.lo leaves they do need someone with an opinion

1163 days ago


Cher as an American Idol judge. She speaks her mind and knows the business.

1163 days ago
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