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TMZ Live: Why Weinergate Could Be a Game Changer

6/16/2011 12:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Anthony Weiner could get slammed just as much for wimping out and resigning -- as he was for the sexting and crotch shots. Will other scandal plagued polticos choose the other door -- weather the storm and rebound? Plus, a peek at how much cheese "Idol" alums are raking in ...

All the answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:00) A lot on the docket: Weiner gets heckled, the Vancouver hockey riots, a MAJOR discussion on gay marriage, and much more!
(2:15) Weiner's resignation was like NO OTHER ... dude was heckled like CRAZY. How could he let this happen?
(7:50) Why don't women have big scandals like Weiner? Linda has a GREAT answer!
(17:50) MAJOR riot in Vancouver after their hockey team loses -- why the HELL do people do this?
(19:00) Brian compares sports riots -- L.A. vs Vancouver. And, would Brian ever riot?
(24:20) Gnarly video -- a rioter gets hit in THE CROTCH with a flash grenade ... then has it blow up in his face. Don't worry, we play it 15 times.
(28:30) Super Bowl champ David Tyree RIPS gay marriage ... and some of the things he say are just ... well ... you'll see.
(31:40) Johnny's passionate stance against Tyree's rant.
(36:20) Nina's turn -- she can't believe an African American could speak out against minority rights.
(24:00) Former Idol's ... and how much they make on the road. It'll shock you!


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The ringleaders of the rioters in Vancouver were not hockey fans but went downtown expressly to cause damage and havok! Nothing to do with hockey.

1226 days ago


I live in Vancouver and I can tell you that the majority of people here are completely ashamed and disgusted by what went on last night after the hockey game. I was so proud, while watching the game at a friend's place, after we lost, the fans in the arena stayed and clapped for the Bruins and even gave Tim Thomas a standing ovation. Then the news came on and a few drunken hooligans, who came, in my opinion, with the intent to start a riot, regardless of the game result, started the travesty that ensued. These were NOT hockey fans! These are not true and proud Vancouverites! There has been an onslaught of citizens sending their pics and videos into the police to catch these individuals who bring so much shame to Vancouver, BC, Canada, and the sport of hockey. Please don't judge this beautiful city on what a small group of useless morons did. Go Canucks!

1226 days ago

l stoodley    

Why all the anger it's only a game stop trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill by rioting. People are to competitive!

1226 days ago


Jerk! Why say what else are you going to do in Canada? Seriously?? Grow up!

1226 days ago


Will Weiner retain his congressional retirement?

1226 days ago


After the IIHF World Jrs in Buffalo this past January, Canada lost (completely collapsed) in the gold medal game. HSBC arena was almost entirely filled with Canadians. No riots errupted in Buffalo, but it was a long, quiet, and depressing ride back across the border.

1226 days ago


We are not all idiots and ignorant people. Your editor needs to think before he speaks - there is alot of beautiful and wonderful things to do in Canada. Do your homework also, most of the players who play for Boston are from Canada! These people who rioted are not true Vancouver Fans or representatives of Canada! They were a bunch of "dumbasses" who were looking for trouble! Probably the same jackasses who were looking to cause trouble during the olympics. Do not judge all by the actions of a few. Check out the wall of forgiveness that has been set up by people to express their feelings over this foolish act.

1226 days ago


60% of the general population is of below-average intelligence - & this is no different amongst people who watch hockey. The exact same riot would have happened had the Canucks won! A bunch of testosterone, beer-fueled men acting the ass.

1226 days ago


The Van riot wasn't fans being pissed about losing. It was ********* who took the loss to their advantage and did what they apparently do best.

1226 days ago

Marie Meier    

Dear Mr. Weiner ~ What were you thinking? Let's forget for a moment that everything you have done was wrong on every level. The fact that you put pictures of yourself out into cyberspace with your looks and body should be a crime in and of itself. My eyes hurt just seeing you on TV!

1226 days ago

Marie Meier    

I fail to see why people are so shocked over the rioting that took place in Vancouver. Hockey is a voiolent sport. Violence breeds violence.

1226 days ago


what does that Jewish guy in the back do? i have never seen him report any think he just makes jokes.

1226 days ago


To David Tyree: Please note the Bible was written about thirty years after various events...and people are prone to forget much, except for their particular bias. Be nice to all, is the main thing. Golden Rule. It would be best if David just stuck to football.

1226 days ago


Just think of all that Harvey has seen in his lifetime!!!

The discovery of fire . . . . . . the invention of the wheel . . . . . . .

1226 days ago


You keep saying you are old but you look great for your age. I thought you were about 40 untill i looked up how old you are.
Love you harv I think you are great.

1226 days ago
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